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Policy and summary

Terms of business agreement

This is a legal agreement between us and you. It tells you the terms of ingenie insurance, the level of service we have to give you and stuff like how we take care of your personal information.

How we use your data

All your data, including the driving stuff we get from your box, is safe. The only people other than ingenie that have access to it are our partners (like our customer service guys) - and they have a legal obligation to keep it locked up tight.

You can get more information about how we use your data in our privacy policy

We promise:

We won't give your data to the police or to any civil authorities unless we suspect fraud or attempted fraud, or if we have to under the law or a court order

We'll never use your data to refuse a claim because you were driving over the legal speed limit

We will use your data to help us spot that another driver is making a false claim against you

We will use your data to help us check you're not making a false claim

ingenie Young Driver insurance charges

General and ingenie box fees can both apply to your insurance.


£25 Mid-term adjustment
A mid-term adjustment is a change to your insurance policy while it's still running. These changes can change the price of your insurance, which would mean either paying the difference or getting a refund. Changes include selling your car, buying a new car, adding named drivers, changing your address or anything else that means we have to recalculate your insurance.
£10 Cancellation (within the 14 day cooling off period)
£35 Cancellation (after the 14 day cooling off period)
£12 Direct debit default / returned cheque

The ingenie box

There are no additional costs for fitting your box the first time as it's included in the price of your insurance.

£48 If you miss a box fitting, repair or replacement appointment without giving us at least 24 hours' notice
£48 If we cannot or decide not to fit your box because your car is modified in any way, is in an unfit state or parked in an unsuitable location
£85 Removal of black box at your request (we automatically stop recording your driving once your insurance ends)
£80 First change of car (fitting a new black box in this replacement car)
£106 Second change of car (fitting a new black box in this second replacement car)
£160 Subsequent change of car (fitting a new black box in another replacement car)
£175 Fee to cover the black box fitting if you cancel your insurance in the first year
£0 Replacing a faulty black box
£160 If you damage or tamper with the black box, we may cancel your insurance and/or charge you

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