Save money in three simple steps

Save on your insurance quote

Young drivers save an average of £500 when they buy their car insurance from us. The black box is included at no extra cost.*

Earn up to 21% extra discount

Based on your driving, your price is reviewed 3 times a year. 7 out of 10 customers earn a discount just for driving well.**

More savings when you renew

On average, our customers' insurance drops by 45% after one year - that works out at around £700 cheaper.***

No night-time curfews

Earn money back after just 3 months

Instant cover available

Get a quote now How it works

*Based on customer responses Jan-15 to Jul-15   **Based on all ingenie customers Jan-15 to Apr-15   ***Based on ingenie renewals Mar-14 to Feb-15
N.B. Premium increases could apply for poor driving

Hanna Hewitt - ingenie customer
Service Reviews

“Love getting money back from @ingenie”

@adz_s97, 16th September 2015

“@Madsmckinley ingenie are really good if that helps and you (could) get discounted every 3 months ”

@caitlincase_, 11th September 2015

“@ingenie thank you. All the positive feedback keeps me motivated :-) #saferdriver”

@bhaviiS11, 9th September 2015

“@ingenie thanks for nearly a year of driving saved me loads 👍”

@sammysoc, 7th September 2015

“£71 discount on my driving insurance. Thanks @ingenie!🚗”

@JessBisp, 1st September 2015

“@ingenie thanks for the epic service from the box fitter, he was such a lad! Even gave me some advice on my car as I know nothing.”

Shelby Stanton, 30th August 2015

“@ingenie I've improved to all green.”

Jamie McGrath, 30th August 2015

“@ingenie Had my black box fitted on Saturday, wanted to pass on to you how pleased I was with the service, was quick and so so friendly.”

Vicki Newman, 24th August 2015

“@ingenie thanks for the easy insurance set up! Now my new baby Corsa is fully covered.”

Shelby Stanton, 22nd August 2015

“ingenie made driving possible without paying through the roof ”

Jamie McGrath, 11th August 2015

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ingenie Young Driver Insurance is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 466 reviews in the last 12 months

How ingenie works

Get your quote and buy

Get your car insurance quote online and see how much you could save. Pay online, or give us a call with any questions.

Get a quote now

We’ll fit your ingenie black box

It sits hidden behind the dash to build up a picture of your driving style. We’ll get in touch to arrange the fitting but don’t worry: you’re insured from day one.


You’ll get driving feedback

To help you earn your discounts, we’ll send feedback on your driving every 10 days (as long as you’ve driven at least 40 miles)

Your score out of 100 is based on the trends in your driving, and we’ll tell you how much you’re on track to save too.

To help you earn your discounts, we’ll send you colour-coded messages with tips on speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.


Price review 3 times a year

After 3, 6 and 9 months, you’ll get a price review based on your score. Good drivers can save up to 21% over the year.


NCD and further savings at renewal

91% of our new drivers earn their No Claims Discount after a year with us. Customers also save an average of £700 when they renew.

Top 10 cars

Have a look at the ingenie community’s favourite cars to drive, insure and run.

1 year's insurance
only £99
Vauxhall Adam Slam

With a new Vauxhall Adam Slam
T&Cs apply

Quick Car Lookup

Take 15 seconds to check the car you want is the right one to insure as a young driver.

The Parent’s Guide

Parents are a vital member of the learning to drive team. Find out how you can help the process along.

Find out how you're driving

We'll give you regular updates on the trends in your driving- designed to help you earn discounts.

ingenie Young Driver Report

Proof that telematics is cutting insurance costs and making young drivers safer.

Learn with RED

Get a 5% discount on your ingenie car insurance when you learn to drive with RED.

Tygers Diary

Follow Tyger Drew-Honey, star of BBC's Outnumbered on his journey to getting on the road.


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