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Refer a friend

Refer a friend

Refer a friend to earn £50

Introduce a friend to ingenie and we’ll give you a £50 Amazon voucher to say thank you. Don’t forget you can introduce 5 friends each month.

  1. Log in to your ingenie account

  2. Go to the Refer a friend page

  3. Grab your referral link to share through email, Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp

  4. Repeat!


To receive your £50 Amazon voucher, your friend MUST start and finish their quote using the referral link that you send them. This link is unique to them so that we know who you've referred to ingenie.

If your friend is not ready to purchase after they've received a quote, they must use the reference number they're given to retrieve their quote and purchase either online or via the contact centre.

If they want to get a new quote they must do this again using the unique link that you sent them.

You will be rewarded for a maximum of 5 referrals in any one calendar month.

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