Learner driver insurance

Whether you've got a provisional or full licence, we'd love to have you on board. We'll help you through your test and beyond by fitting an ingenie box in your car.

The box will assess your individual driving style and you'll receive useful feedback via the ingenie app or online. If you drive well, you'll earn discounts your insurance, making it more affordable.

Car insurance for learner drivers

  • We use the latest telematics tech to assess your individual driving style
  • Your check your feedback online or on our smartphone app, getting useful feedback on your driving to help you to improve
  • You'll also be able to check your driving score out of 100 and if you're on track for a discount on your insurance
  • If you've driven well, you could earn a 21% discount on your insurance - and you'll get it 3 times a year instead of just once, like with traditional insurance
  • Another difference between us and some traditional insurers: we really want you to stay with us once you've passed your test!
How ingenie works

Take a look at how ingenie works.


Insurance once you've passed

Something you'll find as a provisional driver is that your insurance will probably go up once you pass. This is because an insurer knows you'll now be driving alone for the first time and you'll probably be racking up a lot more miles in the car.

While you're looking for insurance as a learner, make sure you run a quote as a provisional licence holder AND as a fully licensed driver. The premium you get quoted will probably have changed by the time you've passed your test, but you'll get a good idea of the kind of jump you can expect once you've passed.

But unlike some traditional insurers, we really want you to stay with us once you've passed. We won't cancel your policy just because you've passed your test and we would continue to reward you for good driving. Also, by keeping your policy you'll continue to build your No Claims Discount - and you'll have had a head start on it! As the NCD can be as much as a £450 saving on a £1,500 policy in the first year, it's worth getting learner insurance so you can get to work on that NCD early.

Learn to drive with Drive iQ PRO

We partner with Drive iQ PRO - a piece of hazard awareness software - because it focuses on behaviour and attitude, not just the basic skills you need to pass a practical test.

The software helps you prepare for your theory test and the last bit is designed for after your test, including motorway and night driving - 2 vital skills when it comes to learning to drive! To find your nearest Drive iQ PRO instructor, visit driveiq.co.uk.

Free learning to drive guide

We want to help young drivers get on the road safely and affordably. To help that happen, we sponsor the Learning to Drive Guide - a free handbook to help you and your parents through every part of learning to drive. It covers everything from choosing an instructor and starting private practice to passing the driving test and beyond.

Parents Guide