Learner driver insurance

We welcome you whether you have a provisional or full licence, and can help you through your test and beyond by fitting an ingenie box in your car.

The box will assess your individual driving style - you'll receive useful feedback via the ingenie app or online. By driving well you could pay less for your insurance.

Car insurance for learner drivers

  • We use the latest telematics technology to assess your individual driving style

  • Your feedback is available online or on our smartphone app, providing useful information on your driving to help you to become a better driver

  • Unlike some traditional insurers we want you to stay with us once you've passed your test

  • We advise that when you get a quote as a provisional driver, you also get a 'quote' on the basis of a full licence. While the premium 'quoted' will almost certainly change by the time you have passed your test, this will at least give you an indication of the likely cost

Insurance once you've passed

What you should bear in mind is that whilst you may think your insurance will go down once you have passed your test, it's actually more likely to go up. This is due mainly to the increase in the mileage you'll drive once you pass your test, and the fact that you will no longer need to have a qualified driver or driving instructor sitting beside you on journeys.

But unlike some traditional insurers we want you to stay with us once you've passed. We won't cancel your policy just because you've passed your test and we could continue to reward you for good driving. Also, by keeping your policy you'll continue to build a No Claims Discount.

Learn to drive with Drive iQ PRO

We partner with Drive iQ PRO because it focuses on behaviour and attitude, not just the basic skills needed to pass a practical test. You get unique access to driving software to help you study in preparation for your theory test, and the final stage can be taken post-test which includes motorway and night driving, two vital skills when it comes to learning to drive. To find your nearest Drive iQ PRO instructor, please visit www.driveiq.co.uk.

Free learning to drive guide

We want to help young people become better drivers. That's why we sponsor the Learning to Drive guide - a free handbook to help you and your parents make informed choices about every aspect of learning to drive - from choosing an instructor to booking your test, passing and beyond.

Parents Guide