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Fitting the box

Getting the ingenie box fitted in your car is quick, simple and the cost is included in your premium. Once it's installed, no one would even know it's there.

Fitting can take place Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm.

PLEASE NOTE you must have the right documents with you at the time of fitting (see below)

Three easy steps...

  1. When

    Shortly after you take out car insurance with ingenie, we'll get in touch to arrange a time and date for fitting the box in your car. This will take place within the first few days of your policy, but don't worry - you're covered right away.

  2. Where

    A trained ingenie engineer will come to your home, college, workplace or other convenient location as agreed. Fitting can take place anywhere in the mainland UK and usually takes less than an hour.

  3. How

    The box is about the size of a smartphone, and is normally fitted behind the dashboard of your car. Once installed no-one would know it's there, it's silent in operation and has no effect on the car.

Important information

In order to test the box at fitting time, your car's electrics need to be in working order and the engine must be able to start and run. Also on the day your ingenie box is fitted in your car, please remember that you will need to show the engineer the following documents:

Driving licence

Your driving licence photocard or test pass certificate if you are waiting for your full licence.


V5C (logbook), the New Keepers supplement (section 10 of the V5C) or confirmation of purchase from your dealership for your car if you are waiting for your V5C


Proof of your No Claims Discount (if applicable)

PLEASE BE AWARE that if you don't have these documents at your fitting, we must receive them within a week of your fitting date to avoid your policy being cancelled.

If you are unable to provide any of these documents on the day of your fitting, you will need to contact us and let us know.

The ingenie box

The ingenie box, about the size of a smartphone, remains our property while in your car and you should not try to access or remove it.

If you change your car, you will need to contact us to update your policy and arrange for a box to be fitted in your new car.* If you cancel your policy, the box will remain in your car, but will be de-activated. However, if you would like it removed for any reason, just get in touch to arrange for an ingenie engineer to remove it.*

*Please note additional charges may apply

Summary of fitting charges

There are no additional costs for fitting the box for the first time as this is included in your premium.

£48 If you miss an arranged black box fitting, repair or replacement appointment without giving us at least 24 hours' notice
£48 If we cannot or decide not to fit your box because your car is modified in any way, is in an unfit state or parked in an unsuitable location
£85 Removal of black box at your request
£80 First change of car (fitting new black box in this replacement car)
£106 Second change of car (fitting new black box in this second replacement car)
£160 Subsequent change of car (fitting new black box in this subsequent replacement car)
£175 Fee to cover the black box fitting if the policy is cancelled within the first period of insurance
£0 Replacing a faulty black box
£160 If you damage or tamper with the black box, we reserve the right to cancel your policy and/or charge you
Other charges relating to ingenie