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What to do if your in a crash

If you’re involved in, or witness, a serious crash then you should call 999 immediately especially if people could be injured

The key is to try to stay calm if involved in a crash. That’s not easy, but take a few deep breaths, check you’re ok and focus on getting the information you need before you or the other drivers involved leave the scene.

Safety first

  • provisional licence holdersMake sure everyone is safe and off the road
  • provisional licence holdersIf the crash is blocking the road or anyone is injured, call the police or ambulance on 999
  • provisional licence holdersIf you need police assistance but there is no immediate danger, call 101
warning notice

Don’t talk about whose fault the crash may have been at the scene, and don’t apologise or take responsibility for the incident

warning notice

Call your insurer

You should tell your insurer about the crash, even if you don’t intend to make a claim.

If you’re an ingenie customer, call our team on 0330 303 0021 to talk about the incident and make a claim if you need to. We’re here to talk to you 24 hours a day.

take notes

Take down some notes maybe in an email or notes app, this will help you if you need to make a claim.

take photos

TOP TIP: Use your phone to take photos of the scene and any damage

step 1

Get witness details

Try to talk to people quickly before they leave. Note down their details.

step 2

Take notes for each driver and their vehicle

If any damage or injury has occurred, it is an offence for any driver involved to refuse to provide their details and registration numbers

step 3

Take notes on the crash conditions

  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Road name
  • Weather
step 4

Talk to the police if they attend

  • Names of police officers
  • Address of police station