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Why I love being tailgated

Yes, it's true. I adore being tailgated.

When I first passed my test, slowing from 60 for a 30mph zone made me feel like everyone behind me HATED me with a burning passion usually reserved for people who chew with their mouths open.

And actually, I still feel like that. But now I love it.

  1. I know I'm in the right

    I'm following the law. They are not. They have not a leg to stand on, my friends.

  2. I feel like I'm teaching them a lesson

    I want to stick to my guns to teach them they can't behave like this. If they do it to a learner or a new driver, they're likely to pressure them into speeding up, which lets the tailgater win.

    I want to teach as many of these people a lesson as possible.

  3. I'm taking pride in my black box

    I have an ingenie sticker on my back window - it explains to following drivers why I'm driving to the speed limit, or below it if the conditions need less speed.

    I would bet that most of these tailgaters would not like their young son or daughter to speed because it's dangerous and illegal.

    They need to know that not all young people want to grow up to be like them: rude and aggressive drivers.

    When you're new to the road, being tailgated can be very intimidating. But if you follow some of our advice on how to deal with it, pretty soon you'll feel like me. We're better than them, guys.