What parents should know

Whilst ingenie is for young drivers, we know that parents are frequently involved when it comes to choosing an insurer and often end up paying for the insurance themselves. On this page we aim to share some useful insight to ingenie and what we have learnt so far.

Our approach is as much about road safety as it is bringing down the cost of car insurance - both areas of huge importance to parents who are only too aware of the dangers facing their children on the roads, as well as the high cost involved.

It was during our extensive focus groups involving parents and young drivers that we took on board their feedback around what was felt to be missing from current car insurance products. We then set out to create a brand that uses the latest technology to build a new telematics product that not only helps young drivers to be safer on the road and save money on their car insurance, but at the same time offers far greater peace of mind to parents.

Our research tells us that...

The most critical time for new drivers is during their first two weeks on the road – far too many young drivers are unprepared, and have a lack of awareness when they first take to the roads. This is why ingenie sponsors Drive iQ, which teaches learner drivers more than just how to use the car controls. It focuses on attitude and behaviour when on the road, with post-test elements such as hazard perception, motorway and night driving. We also sponsor the Learner Driver guide for Parents – a free handbook to help make informed choices about every aspect of learning to drive – from choosing an instructor to booking the test, passing and beyond. Download it here (PDF).

Parents Guide

Distraction is becoming a greater danger – driver distraction has always been an important area, but in this day and age young drivers are becoming more and more distracted at the wheel. Out-of-car distractions remain, but it is in the car where concentration is most needed, and where young drivers are being most affected. A recent ingenie survey revealed that passenger and smartphone distractions are alarmingly high, and our #DontDriveDistracted campaign highlighted the importance to both drivers and parents of not being distracted at the wheel. Among those endorsing the campaign was Gary Lineker, who as a father of four boys was so impressed with the ingenie concept that he invested in the business, and became our brand ambassador.

Choice of car is very important – as exciting as it is for young drivers when buying their first car, too many still fail to think about the impact their choice could have on the cost of their car insurance. Our Top 20 insured cars page gives helpful information and support to new drivers who may be unsure as to what car they should choose and the reasons for doing so.

Driving can be seen as competitive – an ingenie 2012 survey revealed that while young females feel predominantly nervous when they first take to the road, males feel over-confident. Young males often see driving as competitive, which increases the risks they face when driving. ingenie believes that young drivers could channel this competitive energy into improving their driving and saving money on their insurance. Feedback from our customers proves that our community is keen to receive advice which helps to improve their driving and means they could be rewarded with cheaper insurance for driving well.

Not knowing your car's characteristics contributes to crashes - many young drivers are unaware of their car's acceleration and braking capabilities, and even in some cases its width - experience shows that this lack of awareness can contribute to crashes. We work closely with ingenie's own 'driving doctor', Dr. Lisa Dorn, a leading expert in driver behaviour at Cranfield University, to help make young drivers more aware of how their attitude to the road can affect their judgement whilst behind the wheel.

Dispel the myths...

The cost of car insurance is not directly related to the cost of a car – this is still one of the biggest assumptions made by most people looking into car insurance. The reality is that insurance is not just about the cost of repairing or replacing your car, but also the risk of you being responsible for a crash, causing damage to someone else's car and personal injury.

A telematics box is not a speed camera – understanding of telematics, or black-box insurance is improving, however many people still believe that the box acts as a speed camera in disguise. ingenie does not focus on minor incidents of bad driving – instead our technology helps to build a pattern of a young driver's behaviour at the wheel. Our driving feedback is aimed at educating young drivers and helping them improve, rather than policing them. Whilst some other telematics insurers impose night-time driving curfews, we don't believe this is the right approach - we encourage our customers to drive when and where they like, but in a responsible way.

Parents benefit because...

Access to driver feedback – our feedback on your son or daughter's driving is available online or via our mobile app, so they are free to share it with you at any time.

Black box insurance can help in other ways – as well as gathering data on driving style, and producing easy to digest feedback, the ingenie box can also help drivers and give parents peace of mind in other ways. The ingenie telematics box could help recover your car in the event it is stolen. Our mobile app that customers can download to their smartphone to receive their driving feedback also provides useful information such as a 10-step guide if you have a crash plus all the telephone numbers you would need for assistance, including claims and breakdown recovery.

We use social media to connect with young people – to help us build a community of better, safer drivers we are using Facebook and Twitter to raise the profile of road safety with young drivers by posting useful information on how to improve their driving.

The experts are rarely wrong – we have teamed up with Williams F1 Team to bring F1 technology to road cars and improve driver safety, using a high frequency motion sensor (similar to those used in F1 cars) and installing them in a telematics black–box to assess driving styles. We also partner with charity RoadSafe to promote our safety message to young drivers. RoadSafe works with the government, road safety professionals and leading companies in the motor and transport industries to reduce deaths and injuries caused by road crashes, creating safer roads in the process.