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Car insurance

Temporary insurance for under-25s

Picking up a car? Borrowing a friend's? Even if it's just for a day, you'll need temporary car insurance.

If you have your own policy, that would cover damage to YOU - but not your friend's car. Get your own temporary insurance for the car and don't risk the £1,000 bill when you reverse through a wall.

Getting temporary insurance protects the car owner's No Claims Discount - keeping you safe from rage.

When do I need temporary car insurance?

  • Borrowing someone's car
  • Picking up a new car you haven't insured fully yet
  • Renting a van to move house
  • Sharing a drive in someone else's car
  • For short-term cover like uni holidays

When you might struggle to get temporary insurance

Some insurers will be reluctant to offer temporary insurance to under-21s and you may also struggle if you have points on your licence, past claims or previous driving convictions.

FYI: ingenie doesn't offer temporary insurance because our whole thing is about building up a picture of your driving style over time, so we can work out your good driving discounts. Find out how that works.

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Important stuff you need to know about temporary insurance

A temporary policy that you turn off and on as you need it might seem like a nice, cheap alternative to getting a year-long policy. Unfortunately, recent changes to the law make it illegal to keep a car without insurance if you haven't told the DVSA it's off the road (SORN).

This means any car you take out temporary insurance for should already be covered by another policy - for example, a parent's - or about to be covered by a full policy.

Don't leave any vehicle you own without insurance if you haven't declared it off the road.

Don't quite get how car insurance is worked out? Go read about all the factors that decide your price.