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10 tips on how to pass your theory test

Ugh, the theory test. As if preparing for the practical driving test wasn’t pressure enough, you’ll also need to pass the theory test before you can get your full driving licence. To help you achieve top marks, we’ve got 10 top tips for success.

Be prepared:

  1. Book your theory test

    It may sound obvious, but you’ll need to book your theory test at one of the 160 test centres nationwide. Visit the official government site to find your nearest centre and book your test.

    Make sure you have your provisional licence and a credit or debit card to hand, because it’ll cost around £30. 
  2. Hit the books

    During the theory test you’ll be given 50 multiple choice questions from a bank of more than 1000 and you’ll need to get at least 43 correct to pass.

    The good news is that the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency) has produced a theory test handbook which is packed full of useful tips and example questions. Make sure you get your hands on a copy and take some time to revise.

  3. Brush up on your hazard spotting

    Once you’ve made it through the multiple-choice questions you’ll move on to the hazard perception test. It’s made up of a series of video clips featuring a variety of driving hazards. You can get loads more information on the hazard perception test here.

    To make sure you’re fully prepared, visit Drive iQ where you can practise scanning the road effectively, identifying distractions and looking out for cyclists with their interactive video clips.

    You should complete at least 20 hours of revision to make sure you are fully prepared for your theory test.

    Driving Standards Agency (DVSA)

  4. Put in the hours

    Yep, when it comes to revising there’s just no substitute for putting the hours in. Your theory test questions will be picked at random, so you need to be confident answering ANY of the questions in the DSA Theory Test Handbook - that’s around 1000 possible questions!

    And don’t forget to practise your hazard perception. You need to get a minimum of 43 out of 50 on the multiple choice and 44 out of 75 on the hazard perception test to pass.

    Practise answering under pressure by asking friends and family to quiz you, bearing in mind that in the real test you’ll have 57 minutes to answer the 50 questions.

    Top tip: Take a look at our review of the best theory test apps so you can practise on the move.
  5. Take a mock test

    Think you’re ready for your theory test? Head over to the government-run Safe Driving for Life website and try their mock tests - though they only offer the multiple choice part.

    If your mock test doesn’t go quite as well as you hoped, you can reschedule your theory test up to 3 days before your test date. If you’re not feeling confident of a pass, it’s best to take a rain check and squeeze in some extra revision!

    If you're worried about hazard perception, get an app that lets you practise. See what we thought of the top theory test apps.
  6. On the day:

    Top tip: You need to be at the test centre 30 minutes before the start of your test.
  7. Leave plenty of time

    Chances are you’ve not been to the theory test centre before, so leave plenty of time to get there and minimise stress on the day.

  8. Don't forget your provisional licence photocard

    You must have your photocard driving licence on the day of your theory test. If you forget it, you won’t be able to sit your test and you’ll still have to pay the test fee.

  9. Use the practice time

    You get 15 minutes before your test to get used to the touch screen and the layout of the questions. Take your time and if something doesn’t look like it’s working properly, raise it before your test starts.

  10. Flag tricky questions

    In the test you’ll have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. Stuck on a tricky one? Not to worry. Hit the flag button and it’ll mark the question as unanswered, so you can easily go back to it before the end of the test.

  11. Take a breather

    You get a 3 minute break between the first and second part of your test. You’re halfway there (YES!) so take a breather, have a quick stretch at the desk and focus on the next part of the test - hazard perception.

Take a look at our tips for passing the hazard perception test.


Jess passed her test first time at 17 and took to the busy London streets in a battered but beloved 1988 white Fiat Uno. She writes for ingenie's Young Driver's Guide and blog. You can follow Jess on .

  • puladevaca


  • jenny

    I’m scared LOL

  • Sejal

    I won’t do it

  • jason

    pay for a decent phone app so you can practice whenever you like. Free ones have a limited set of questions. If you don’t know try to guess wrong I will explain why further down. Write down your score and any questions you got wrong . Create pictures in your head for the question and answer you got wrong and you will find it super easy to remember be creative as an example here are two questions

    1. which crossing has bikes and people crossing. pelican zebra puffin toucan.
    A. toucan. picture the crossing with bikes and people on it picture two huge cans like beans or whatever 2 cans toucan

    2. what percentage do exhaust fumes contribute to pollution 20% 40% 60%
    A. 20%. picture an exhaust with either smoke coming out shaped like the number 20 or full of £20 notes

    try not to use similar pictures. As you keep practicing you will find you have no issue remembering questions that you first got wrong. The reason you try to guess wrong is if you guess right it wont flag the question at the end as wrong so you wont try and learn it but on the test you might pick another answer instead.

    I have a awful memory but using this I can get a 49 or perfect 50 and finish the 57 minute test in 5 minutes without effort. shame they don’t let you use the remainder to relax before the haz test

    • I remembered toucan crossings by saying “TWO CAN cross” – people and bikes. 🙂

      • kayla

        Strangly helpful

  • Sean Macinnes

    My advice is this , make sure you have covered everything n I mean everything . I failed my test today scoring 42 in my theory of which a pass is 43 and scored 47 in Hazard of which a pass is 44 . gutted isn’t just the beginning of how I feel . Practice practice , head down cover everything and good luck . If you do fail then you can re apply after 3 clear working days . A lot of the questions I got today , I have never seen or been asked on my Official DVLA CD . yet I was scoring between 87 – 96 in my theory and 45 – 54 in my hazard n perception using this disc.

    • Sorry to hear that Sean, you were so close! I’m sure you’ll ace it next time. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • craig dwyer

    i need some help iam learning the theory test doing it every day and passed i once but i now keep geting the same score 40 out off 50 what am i doing wrong

    • Hi Craig. Sorry to hear you’re struggling a bit. I would recommend the official DVSA theory test book – that way you’ll get ALL the questions and answers, instead of a random selection each time. The online tests are great but you need to have the knowledge there first to make sure you’ll pass on the day. If you find working on the computer easier, I’d suggest getting the DVSA theory test disc because it has hazard perception practice clips and case studies as well as the questions you get online. You can find that here:

      Hope that helps, good luck!

  • alexandru

    how is better to learn from cd by making mock test or learning everything step by step

    • Hi Alexandru. Everyone learns differently but I’d say going through the book / CD alone and then getting someone to test you or doing the CD questions is probably best. The DVSA CDs also have case studies and hazard perception examples which are very helpful. Then you can use the online quizzes to keep the questions fresh. Good luck!

  • Parthiv Kavi

    I had a Theory test today and i scored 42 in Multiple choice and 69 in Hazard .. absolutely gutted. There were question which i couldn’t came across in official DVLA cds and options were very much similar to each other.

    • Sorry to hear that Parthiv – you were so close! In the multiple choice part of the test you can get any of 1000 questions, so it might have been a few you’d missed. Otherwise, do you definitely have the latest CDs?

      When I took my test I did find some of the answer options really similar and changed my mind on a few at the last minute! Good thing is, with a score that close you should be fine next time.

      Just keep going over and over the questions, and get people to test you as I found saying the answers out loud helped to fix them in my memory. Good luck!

  • Hi guys, I’ve written a post based on all the questions we’ve had so you can head over to if you’re still wondering anything. Feel free to keep asking questions though – I’ll update the FAQs post with the answers as well as replying here.

    Thanks for all the great questions!


  • joynal

    it really helped alot!
    Thanks for the advice. 🙂

    • Very glad you found it useful – let us know how you get on! Thanks, Honor


    if you are dyslexic, can you get extra time and help reading the questions

  • Cy hawkins

    I fail my theory twice now going for my third time in like a day I do well when I’m revising but I get there and fail buy like a couple off points each time I don’t do well at test didn’t at school I’m 24 now and just want to get it done what’s the best thing for me to do when I’m at the test centre help please thanks cy

    • Sorry to hear that Cy. If it makes you feel better, my boyfriend is doing his theory test today – and he’s 34!

      My advice to you is to take all the time you’re given, even if it feels like you’re going over and over the questions. 57 minutes is a long time but every minute you use is another minute you might spot a question you’ve answered wrong.

      Between now and your test, do as many mocks with an app as you can. It’ll show you the areas you need more confidence in and get your brain used to going through the questions.

      Good luck Cy – I’m rooting for you!


      • Cy hawkins

        Hi I passed my theory test today thanks for the advice much appreciated

        • Cy, you’re a freaking GENIUS. Boyfriend passed his as well and there’s not a feeling like it in the world. Until you pass your practical anyway! Come back to us if you need any help with that bit.

          Well done,


  • Jess

    My theory is today. I have failed 6 times. I am dyslexic but Being dyslexic hasn’t stopped me doing anything. But my problem is my nerves! I take Kalms but I still feel the same.

    • Hi Jess,

      Sorry to hear you’re struggling with the theory. If it makes you feel any better, I failed my practical 4 times – nerves, same as you. You WILL get there. Deep breaths, get there early so you can walk around a bit outside, make sure you eat.

      Are you failing on the questions or the hazard perception? If it’s the questions, my NUMBER ONE tip is to use all the time you have and go through all your answers several times.

      I really hope it goes well today but if it doesn’t, come back and let me know so I can give you some advice for getting it next time.


      • Jess

        Thank you. It’s at 1:30pm today. Really hope I do pass 😤

        • My boyfriend took his really recently so I kind of lived the fear all over again – I’ll be thinking of you! Believe in yourself Jess, you CAN do it. Let us know how it goes, k?


          • Jess

            I PASSED! And my car test is all booked!! Thank you!!

            Sent from Outlook Mobile

          • YOU. ARE. A. GENIUS. Knew you could do it! Good luck with your practical – we’re got plenty of help for how to ace it (and how to fail it too…)

            Well done Jess, so pleased for you.


          • Ben Cartwright

            Well done

  • Mina

    I failed my theory test 9 times I’m good with Mark test at home I get very nervous when I’m at the test centre I hope to pass this time my theory test is next week please wish me luck.

    • Hi Mina,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with nerves. I was shaking with fear when I did mine – I know how you feel! Deep breaths while you’re waiting and make sure you take all the time you have to go through the questions over and over. BELIEVE you have the knowledge to pass – you’ve done the work and all you have to do now is answer some silly questions.

      Good luck – you can do it!


  • Laurence

    I have my theory test on 29 of this mounth at 12 0 clock I hope I pass say a prayer for me thanks a million

    • Good luck Laurence! Let us know how it goes.


  • Tracey Howatson

    i have my theory test tmw im so nervous

  • Tracey Howatson

    Morning I got mine today any advice xx

    • Hi Tracey.

      Good luck! Deep breaths, try to relax. If you’ve done your revision there’s nothing stopping you but brain freeze. Use all the time you’re given and take the break between the questions and the hazard perception. Let me know how it goes – well, I hope!


      • Tracey Howatson

        I forgot to post i passed my theory test first time i was so chuffed thanks u xx

        • Well done Tracey, that’s amazing! Onwards to the practical 🙂


  • Ben Cartwright

    I’ve got my 2nd theory test next monday, the first one i got 41 out of 50 🙁 hope i get it this time though.

    • Good luck Ben, positive thoughts!


      • Ben Cartwright

        Thank you, and yes Positive thoughts.

  • Savita Paul

    Hi there, my theory test is on Monday next week. my question is would it be enough to just revise the 14 topics for the theory test, part one or do I have to read the official highway code? and if so, then could I just select the profile of a driver or will I have to read through the 25 chapters? would be grateful if someone could let know!
    Thank you

    • Hi Savita,

      The theory test is basically a summary of the Highway Code. If you’re doing your revision from the DVSA book, that will cover everything you need to learn. It’s a good idea to look through the Highway Code though, because you’ll need it for the rest of your life!

      Good luck 🙂


      • Savita Paul

        Hi Ingenie,
        Thank you so much for responding. I have the official DVSA CD, with the 14 topics so I was reading through that and doing the questions. Also I do have the app. I did spot a difference between the two even if the topics are same so I cross reference them. so it doesn’t really matter for now? I read somewhere it was essential to read it. I’m doing it for the first time and I really want to pass first time.
        Thank you once again! Absolute life saver! 🙂

        • You’ll see a difference because the DVSA doesn’t actually publish the EXACT questions, so you have to use your brain instead of memorising the answers.

          If you have time, go through the Highway Code. You definitely should before your practical because it will help you a lot, but the questions you’re working with now are a reflection of what’s in the code.

          Sounds like you’re doing everything right so be confident! Fingers crossed for you.


  • Hi again Savita. The first bit is your multiple choice questions and case studies (John wants to visit his friend in an area he’s never been before…), then you’ll have a little break. The hazard perception is the last bit of the test, in which you need to click when you see a hazard. Hope that helps and good luck!


  • Buk Ta Faitajae

    Hy Ingenie
    Next Monday I’ve got the theory test, even I’m studying now THE 14 topics, I’m always thinking that I can not pass the exam I fell every time and I’m really worried, sometimes I fell I can pass sometimes not, but the main problem is I’ve little bit problem to understand in English, so if I don’t understand something I can ask them to explain me the answer? And can you please explain me what do you mean for “multiple choise”
    In general What they can ask you in THE test?

    • Hi Buk Ta,

      Sorry to hear you’re stressing. I’m afraid you can’t ask for help in the test room, so my advice would be to make sure you use all the time you’re given and go through the questions several times. Multiple choice means you get given the question, then you get four answers to pick the right answer from. So the answer you need is there, you just need to click it.

      Keep going through the questions with an app. I wrote about the best ones here:

      Fingers crossed!


  • Richie Froggmister George

    Hi ingenie mines booked for friday this week 8th july problem i have is ive have the dvsa disk and the app i find the questions mostly very easy but somtimes say onceevery three days ill fail it then pass 10 times in a row over three days i keep thinking im going to fail hopefully not

    • Hey Richie,

      I personally think the questions are weighted towards the easier ones. Doesn’t mean you won’t get some tricky ones but you’ll hopefully see a lot of very familiar questions. Don’t worry too much – sounds like you’ve put the work in!


      • Richie Froggmister George

        I dont thingk im doing to bad but i supose it depends on the day what its asking me past it before but expired doing it again on 50 questions insted if 35 new disk sometimes i get 7 wrong but never more than 7 most days

  • Richie Froggmister George

    Hi ingenie i passed it 46 out of 50 4 wrong and hazzerd side 66 out of 75 all smiles 👍👍👍😜 ill go have few 🍻 Now at the pub

    • Richie, you’re my hero. Well done and enjoy your night – you deserve it!


  • Chamade

    Hey ingenie, I had a theory test yesterday and unfortunately I failed, with a score of 42 on the multiple choice and then with the hazard perception I scored 33. But as soon as I got home that day I practiced and passed both and then today I also practiced and passed again also. So I am deciding to book my second theory test this Monday and to retake it in a month or so.

    • Hey Chamade,

      You were so close with the multiple choice! Looks like hazard perception is the thing you really need to work on. Have you seen these apps: One of them has hazard perception clips you can use.

      Good luck with the next one, you’re nearly there.


      • Chamade

        I practice everyday for about an hour to make sure each gets into my head, I am going to start writing notes up to my next theory test so I can try remembering that. And also I go on this website which the multiple choice and hazard perception is quite similar to the actual theory. But I will take a look at your suggestion.

        • Sounds like you’re doing everything right Chamade – sure you’ll ace it next time!

          Good luck,


  • Spanialo Packowski

    i had 48/50 but my hazard was 36/75 its the 3rd time…… i booked thursday my new theory test again wish me luck

  • Sarah

    I have my theory booked for 2 weeks time. I booked over a month nearly 2 in advance to give me something to revise for otherwise i would get bored straight away. I did my thoery about 4 years ago and failed by 1 mark, i had a bad driving instructor which didnt help so i felt like a failure. I have recently started taking my lessons and same thing has happened again so ive found a new instructor. I am very worried about my theory test. I am more stronger when doing the theory part of the test but when it comes to the hazard perception im a bit of a flop the lowest ive ever gotten is 35. I do nothing but revise. Do you have any tips for me or shall i just keep revising and hope for the best on the day? I heard not to revise on the day of theory test incase i fail it will make me worry more, is this true? Thanks

    • Hi Sarah,

      Sorry to hear it’s been such a long and stressful process! I found the hazard perception the hardest too. My advice is to get yourself the DVSA app if you have an iPhone or sign up for Drive iQ for desktop. They both have hazard perception clips for you to practise with. Make sure you don’t click too many times just because you’re worried you won’t get them all. There aren’t that many hazards per clip so be calm and considered about it.

      I would say that trying to cram your brain full of stuff on test day is inefficient but I took my book with me just to flip through as I was early. It’s different for everyone so you do you.

      Good luck and let me know how you get on.


  • Michael Chandler

    Hi I have failed my test 8 times and I have tried everything there is to try I don’t no what else I can do to pass

    • Hey Michael,

      Sorry to hear that. At this point it’s very likely you’re freaking yourself out, not that you don’t know the answers! Have you tried Drive iQ? There are multiple choice questions and hazard perception tests on there, as well as all the information you need to know.

      Keep going through the DVSA official book if you have it – getting someone to read the questions aloud really helped me. Get enough sleep, get to the centre early, make yourself a little positive mantra. YOU CAN DO THIS.


  • Oh, sorry to hear that Becca. That’s got to be tough.

    Michael, who’s just commented, has the same problem and my answer to you is the same: you’re psyching yourself out!

    The best way to feel good about your chances is to be the most road-aware person that ever lived. It might be tempting to just keep turning up and going through the motions until it sticks but keep working. Keep using apps, keep going through the book. Make yourself revision cards. It’s worth it.

    Good luck this Saturday and let me know how it goes.


  • Nazreena Bi

    Do you need to take the conterpart paper licence with you as well because I have lost it? Because some of my friends says you have to bring it to the test centre. I am nervous about this

    • Hi Nazreena,

      The paper counterpart has been ditched now so you definitely don’t need to take it.

      Good luck!


  • Leanne Seychell

    OK so I went to take my theory test and I failed by 1 mark 😠 I got 54 for the hazard and 42 for the theory
    I have booked again for Monday is there a big possibility that I’ll pass this time?

    • Oh Leanne, that’s soooo close! Go back over the questions a million times to be sure and I’ll bet you’ll pass.

      Good luck,


  • Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the informative tips. I’ll keep it in my mind….. 🙂

  • Sorry you’re stressing :'(

    I was exactly the same and it’s a hard one to advise on.

    1. Eat breakfast. Feeling sick is only going to make you feel worse and your brain needs power! Bananas are particularly good.
    2. Be half an hour early so you arrive calm and can walk around a bit or look through your theory test book / app.
    3. While you’re waiting, try closing your eyes and doing nice deep breathing. In-2-3-4-5, out-2-3-4-5.
    4. When you’re called in, SMILE at the person who says your name. This is such a good way to trick your brain into thinking you’re OK.
    5. Go through the test over and over, using all the time you’re allowed.
    6. Take the optional rest break to reset your brain.

    Hopefully some of that might help but being prepared is the best way to feel confident. Get someone to test you out loud so silly things stick in your mind and help you remember (and smile) during the test.

    Good luck – you’ll be great.


  • Aminul Azim

    Hi ingenie
    I’ve booked my test 2 months from now do you think that will be good enough time for revision. I’m using multiple apps, books and dvd’s to help.
    WIll 2 months of revision be worth it ?

    • Hey Aminul. Two months is a really good amount of time. Definitely vary how you study (book, testing out loud, app etc.) and just work your way through methodically. The book is the best way to make sure you’re learning everything you need to know in my opinion.

      Good luck!


  • You’re my hero right now. Massive congratulations to overcoming the problem and doing so well! We have an article on taking the theory test if you have dyselexia ( but it sounds like you didn’t need any help!

    We all learn differently so it’s always a good idea to give yourself PLENTY of time to try different ways of studying for the theory test. I think I preferred the book because the physicality of the sections helped cement stuff in my brain. Whatever gets you through, right?

    Well done,


    • lolitalolly

      Oh god thank you very much!!! 😀

      What is weird though, I failed every mock test that I tried on the DVD’s and App. I just couldn’t pass any of them, at one point I just wanted to give up on ever passing it due to my dyslexia, over and over and over again I kept blaming myself for learning, being dyslexic and remembering the information too slowly. But eventually, I started to realise that the theory is just making sure that you understand basic stuff, common sense and visual stuff. I am more of a visual learner, so I was able to study the road signs in one day very quickly. Once I started the test, I felt more calmer and understood pretty much most of the questions. I am so glad that I continued to revise for the test, also glad that I now have it done and over with.

      This website also helped a lot with some very useful tips! Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Aminul Azim

    Hi ingenie
    I end up going to the test centre and end up seeing questions that aren’t familiar

    • Hey Aminul. The questions are different from what you’ll see in the book or on apps because they’re designed to test your actual KNOWLEDGE and not how well you memorise questions. They’re really similar though – it’s the same stuff just worded differently.

      Hope it went OK!


      • Aminul Azim

        Thank you very much for the support

  • Ryah Jenkins

    Hello I have my theory tomorrow do I have to take my passort with me

    • Hi Ryah – you only need your provisional photocard. Good luck!

      • Ryah Jenkins

        Ok thanks I hope I do pass it’s my second time doing it

  • Adil

    Hi, do they ask you questions about fines and points? for example ”what is the penalty for drink driving”? thank you

    • Hey Adil,

      As far as I know, there aren’t any questions about the actual fines and points. BUT make sure you have the latest DVSA theory test book so you know exactly what to expect!

      Good luck,


  • Amy

    Hi Ingenie,
    I have booked my theory test for the 20th Feb (2 weeks), and I’m not sure which revision resources i should use to pass my test. In particular I am struggling with Hazard Perceptions could you please send me a helpful resource to pass this. Also, I was wondering how long should i spend each day on revising for the test. Do you think it would be likely for me to pass in two weeks?

    • Hi Amy,

      In my opinion, the best resource for hazard perception is Drive iQ. Sign up for an account and then go to the dashboard and you’ll see ‘Test Centre’. That has tests for your theory questions and hazard perception, and the videos are the closest to the real thing I’ve found.

      There’s also a few apps I recommend ( but you can’t beat the good old DVSA book, which you can find here: If you can get someone to test you out loud, it really helps things to stick in your head.

      Two weeks is a bit tight but if you put in the work, you may be OK. Little and often will probably help you most, and mix up how you do it between apps, testing out loud and reading. Just remember the test exists to make sure you know enough about driving to be safe. You’ll need the knowledge for way past the 20th of February!


  • Diane

    I failed second times and I’m afraid to go for the third time I don’t know what to do

    • Hi Diane,

      Trust me, I was scared every time. I built it up so much in my head and failing almost seemed worse than giving up. By the fourth time I failed my practical test, I felt like I’d never do it.

      Then I passed fifth time. And all the negative feelings were wiped away. It was worth it – a lot of frustration and anxiety and money, but worth it.

      You can’t help being scared but the day will come when this bit is over and you’ll be getting in the car with a smile on your face. It’s worth it so don’t give up. Pick up your theory test book and keep revising, every time.

      Good luck.


  • Hi Andrei,

    Sounds like you’re working hard on improving your app score – well done!

    Try not to be scared for the Hazard Perception test. Being prepared is key to feeling less nervous so here’s our advice on what to expect on the day: You’ll be able to find lots of practice tests online too.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!



  • unknown

    I haven’t long turned 17 and had a few practical driving lessons. I have revised abit already on my theory but not sure when to book my test.

    • Hi there.

      Well, I can’t tell you when’s right for you but if you have the DVSA theory test book or app and you’ve worked through it all, you’re probably good for a week’s worth of someone testing you or taking mock tests, then go for it. How long it takes you to get through the material is hard to guess at but it is a lot of information!

      Good luck,


  • Liam Sodipo

    I took the Theory test 2x times. The 1st time I did rush and used one of the so called best theory apps…what I didn’t know was that those questions on the app were really present on my ACTUAL test. The 2nd test I used a different app and went in and took the test and failed by 3 points. The funny part about this is that I passed BOTH hazard perception test.
    Now im studying through the DLVA app and doing quiet well as the app is throwing a variety of questions randomly at me and I’m reaching beyond the passing mark. I just want to take the test when I’m ready without having to fail again…..I’m kind of nervous as I’ve failed the test twice…any tips?

    • Hey Liam,

      It sounds like you’ve learned from both your disappointments so I think you’re doing exactly the right stuff. My only advice on top of what you’re doing is to get someone to test you out loud. It makes you think in a different way and puts you on the spot, helping you develop an instinctive knowledge that will help you with nervous brain freeze. Talking about the answers also gives you little memory triggers like “Oh, I know this – she made that joke about the pelican!” that can help.

      Good luck with the next one,


  • George Amos

    I failed 8 times am so sad,

    • Oh George! I’m so sorry, that sucks so much. Is it nerves?


  • Aminul Azim

    Hi Ingenie
    I’ve revised really hardcore and my test is on the 24th of this month what can i do ?
    Also used the apps and aced every single one of the topics and need some advice. I always get the nerves and really get frustrated because my most of the times I forget the most easy questions with the wrong answers. I’ve done mock tests and I think I am ready.

    Aminul Azim

    • Sounds like you’re ready! Practising out loud really helps so get someone else involved. Well done for working so hard.


  • Prasanna Lucenzo

    Hi Ingenie I’m Nevous about the theory test I’m praticing from a CD driving theory test I’m scared I might fail the test but I don’t want to fail I need to pass within a go can I get some advice

    • Hey Prasanna. Sounds like you’re doing what you should! Why don’t you get someone to test you out loud so you’re thinking about it in a different way? It’s good to challenge your brain with a different type of quizzing so you can get past the nerves on test day.

      Use ALL the time you’re given to go through your answers over and over because sometimes your brain skips ahead and you answer wrong just because you misread the question. Going over them again will let you catch those so you don’t lose points for silly mistakes.

      Good luck Prasanna, believe you can do it because you can!


  • Ashley Collins

    I’m getting ready to do my theory in 2 weeks. I’ve got the official DVSA Theory app. I’m averaging around 96% on the multiple choice most times and for the hazard perception my average score is 3/5 or 4/5 on each clip.

    Think I should just go for it or should I spend this next two weeks practicing the clips some more?

    Thanks a bunch in advance!

    • Hey Ashley,

      If you stop now, you’ll forget things. My advice is to DEFINITELY keep practising but change it up a little. Get people to test you out loud because it makes you think in a different way.

      It’s not worth letting it slip after all the work you’ve done.

      Good luck!


      • Ashley Collins

        That’s true, I was planning on carrying on with my studying up until the date then leaving revision for day itself so I don’t panic going to the test centre.

        Thanks for the advice!


  • Prasanna Perera

    Hi ingeni now I started doing mock test I always get a pass and Hazard perception also and Im practicing theory test questions. Do they give the things we practice or do they give new questions to the theory ? And
    any more tips or advice

    • Hey Prasanna,

      Any mock tests you’re doing will have questions SIMILAR to the real test but the actual questions aren’t published anywhere. They may appear in different wording, so you can’t learn them by heart – you need to really understand the knowledge.

      Reading the book and then practising the questions is the best way to do that, rather than going straight into the questions (tempting, I know!). It’ll come in handy for your years on the road.

      Good luck!