Here's why 17 to 25 year olds choose ingenie

  • Earn up to 21% off for good driving

  • We review your insurance 3 times a year, so you could earn money back after just 3 months

  • 7 out of 10 customers received a good driving discount**

Black box fitted in your car

We’ll come to you in the first 2 weeks to install the black box out of sight in your car, but don’t worry - you’re still insured from day one.

Regular driving feedback

Download our app and receive feedback on how you’re driving - or go online to view your feedback.

No curfews

We focus on how you drive, not when you drive - with ingenie there are no night-time curfews.

Renewal savings

After a year with ingenie, on average the cost of our customers’ insurance comes down by around 45% – that’s £700 cheaper.***

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*Based on customer responses 01/09/14 to 31/01/15   **Based on all ingenie customers 01/07/14 to 31/01/15   ***Based on ingenie renewals 01/01/14 to 31/12/14
N.B. Premium increases could apply for poor driving
Keep to smaller engine sizes Avoid modifications Choose a car less than 15 years old
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Save money by driving safely

We're all about encouraging safe driving, and with good reason - 1 in 5 young drivers in the UK has a crash in their first six months. This is what makes young driver insurance more expensive.

So if we can help our community of young drivers stay safe on the road, we can reward them with discounts on their insurance.


Find out how you're driving

Get regular updates on the trends and patterns in your driving, including your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.

You can get your feedback via the free ingenie mobile app, or here at All that's left to do is take on board your feedback and drive well, and you could be earning money off your car insurance.

See how ingenie works

Black box included

We'll fit a telematics device - commonly known as a black box - out of sight behind your dashboard. The box sends us information (via the EE network) on how you're driving, and means we can review the price of your car insurance based on how you drive.

The ingenie black box is about the size of a smartphone. Fitting takes less than an hour and one of our trained engineers will come to you.

Find out more about black box fitting

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