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Get 5% OFF your car insurance when you learn to drive with RED*

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RED Car Insurance for 17-25 year olds powered by ingenie

Drive well, pay less

As well as 5% off for learning with RED*, our best drivers could earn further discounts for good driving.**

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box fitted in your car

ingenie box fitted in your car

To help review your driving, we’ll fit a box in your car at no extra cost – we assess speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.

no curfews

No curfews

We won’t fine you just for driving at night – we’re interested in how you drive.

review quarterly

Insurance review every 3 months

We review your insurance every quarter when you could receive a discount for good driving.**

driving feedback

Individual driving feedback

We’ll send you regular feedback via our app or online to help you become a better driver.

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What else you need to know

* Only applies if you have had 10 or more hours training with RED. Your lessons must have been marked as delivered in your MyRED account. In order to access your discount, you must sign into MyRED and follow the ingenie links to get a quote. If you are eligible for a 5% discount, this will be clearly shown when you get a quote.

** Premium increase could apply for poor driving