Car insurance for young male drivers

Many young male drivers are finding themselves priced out of the market. ingenie is a new kind of driving insurance providing a fairer deal for male drivers aged 17 to 25. Our fresh thinking car insurance differs from the traditional approach:

  • We treat each driver as an individual and insure you based on how you drive
  • Your insurance premium is reviewed 3 times a year - not just once
  • Regular feedback on your driving via the mobile app or online

Fresh thinking car insurance for young male drivers

Motor insurance premiums for all young drivers are likely to remain high because they have more crashes, so the risk is greater. But unlike most insurance companies, ingenie looks beyond the statistical risk and covers you as an individual based on the way you drive. We use the latest telematics technology to capture your unique driving style and the better you drive, the less you could pay.

How it works

Cornering, braking, speed, swerving and acceleration are factors that make up your unique driving style. The ingenie telematics box which we'll fit in your car accurately measures these key areas to see how effective you are at controlling the car. The better your technique, the less your cover could cost. The information from the ingenie box, normally fitted behind the dashboard in your car, can help you hone your skills and improve your driving.

Independence without restrictions

Some motor insurance companies use 'black-box' technology to control your mileage and the hours you're allowed to drive. Instead of curbing your freedom, ingenie lets you drive when and where you like. What we're interested in is the way you're driving – not where you're off to and when you'll be back. The ingenie box is not a speeding camera in disguise.

Feedback on your driving

You'll get regular updates via our mobile app or the web - designed to help you improve and earn discounts.

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Which car should I go for?

Choice of car has a big impact on insurance. Our Top 10 Cars guide is a great place to start if you haven't brought yours yet.

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Refer a friend

We aim to build a community of young people who drive well. Help us spread the word by telling your friends.

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Emergency and breakdown assistance

In the event of a collision or incident, it's not always easy to think straight. That's why there is a step by step guide about what to do in the event of a crash on the ingenie mobile app. There are also numbers for you to contact our call centre if you require urgent assistance, accident recovery or need to make a claim, making you safe in the knowledge that help can soon be on its way.