Car insurance for teenage drivers

If you're looking for affordable car insurance for teenagers you're in the right place. ingenie is a new kind of driving insurance for young people which looks at things differently:

  • We treat each driver as an individual and insure you based on how you drive
  • Your insurance premium is reviewed 3 times a year - not just once
  • Regular feedback on your driving via the mobile app or online

Here's how it works

Whether you've passed your test or are still learning to drive, you're probably finding car insurance very expensive or just impossible to get. That's because new and young drivers are far more likely to have a crash, so they're a higher risk. ingenie don't just look at the statistical risk, instead we let you take individual responsibility for the way you drive. We place a telematics box in your car, and use the latest technology to capture your unique driving style and the better you drive, the less you could pay.

Feedback on your driving

You'll get regular updates via our mobile app or the web - designed to help you improve and earn discounts.

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Which car should I go for?

Choice of car has a big impact on insurance. Our Top 10 Cars guide is a great place to start if you haven't brought yours yet.

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Refer a friend

We aim to build a community of young people who drive well. Help us spread the word by telling your friends.

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Enjoying your independence

Taking to the road for the first time gives a wonderful feeling of independence, so while some motor insurance companies use "black-box" type devices to restrict your mileage or the hours you're allowed to drive, we don't believe either of those things makes you a good or bad driver, which is why you are free to drive when and where you like, even as a new driver.

Lowering the cost of insurance for teenagers

When you first take out cover, we'll let you know the cost of your insurance, and the amount your premium could come down by if you drive well. In exceptional circumstances of reckless driving, your insurance could also go up. If you do your bit by being a better driver, you could see your premium come down 3 times a year, rather than once a year as is the case with most traditional insurers.