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Car insurance for student drivers

For student drivers, high insurance costs can be even harder to manage alongside everything else you want to do - like saving up for those pesky tuition fees or going travelling.

Why is insurance for student drivers so expensive?

It's not because you're bad drivers - we actually found that students are the second safest drivers in the UK in our Britain's Safest Young Driver search. Unfortunately, despite your excellent driving, you're still assessed based on the overall driving standard of your age group.

But there is a way that student drivers can lower their insurance costs. Black box insurance looks at your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering - and uses the data to work out discounts on your premium.

ingenie also sends you feedback on your driving so you can improve and earn your discounts. If you drive well, you’ll pay less.

ingenie driver Alfie
Knowing that I can earn discounts makes me try even harder to be an aware driver. I’m getting ready to go to university, so every penny of my money counts. If there’s an opportunity to save my money I‘ll do everything I can.

Alfie, 19
£117 discount after 3 months


How student drivers can save money on their car insurance

  1. Pick your car wisely

    It’s no good going for something bulky if you’re going to have to squeeze into the student car park at college or university every day. Make sure you know exactly what kind of parking you’ll have available before you choose a car.

    It’s also a good idea to avoid a high-value car, as parking with hundreds of new-ish drivers could lead to a few dents here and there. To save a bit on your insurance premium, go for a smaller engine too - under 1.5 is best.

    Check our Top 10 Cars for young drivers - they’re all fairly compact and affordable to run, insure and tax.

  2. Beware ‘money saving’ tricks - they could cost you more than cash later

    Some people resort to fronting, which means getting insured as a named driver on a parent’s policy, even though you’re actually the main driver.

    This is illegal and could make your insurance invalid - meaning you’re not covered to drive and wouldn’t be able to claim for the damage to your car if you crashed.

    Remember the point of insurance: it’s to protect you from the huge cost of crashing. If you can’t get that money after a crash, you’re worse off than if you hadn’t bought the fraudulent policy in the first place.

  3. Check out black box insurance

    The best way to save money on your insurance is to choose black box insurance. Rather than be judged on the statistics about young drivers, black box insurance lets you show how you actually drive.

    If you drive well, you can earn up to 21% off your starting price. You’ll get the chance to earn your discounts 3 times a year, so you could be saving after just 3 months instead of having to wait a year to see your costs come down.

    Going for a black box doesn’t mean having to drive like a granny and be tucked up in bed by 10pm (we know that's not too easy when you're busy making the most of college or uni!). We don’t have curfews and all you have to do is drive how your driving instructor taught you.