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New driver insurance from ingenie

It’s a great feeling, passing your test, but it’s important to remember that it’s not the end of learning to drive - not by a long shot.

During the first 6 months a new driver is on the road, they have a 1 in 5 risk of crashing. This risk is why insurance for new drivers is often so expensive to begin with.

New drivers can be safe on the road and get affordable insurance

That statistic about 1 in 5 new drivers crashing sounds scary (and it is) but there is something you can do about it. Black box insurance means you have a co-pilot as you start driving alone for the first time, and ingenie drivers have only a 1 in 8 risk of crashing in their first 6 months of driving. That's a 40% lower crash risk than the national average.

Being safer doesn’t have to mean less freedom though: we don’t have curfews and we don’t give you feedback about where or when you drive - it’s how you drive that matters to us.

Discounts for good driving

ingenie sends you feedback on your driving to help you keep up the good work you did with your driving instructor. If you drive well, you’ll earn discounts on your insurance - up to 21% off over the year.

You get the chance to earn your good driving discounts 3 times a year, so you don’t have to wait the usual year to see the benefit of driving well. You’ll also get your No Claims Discount at the end of your first year if you haven’t had to claim.

91% of our new drivers earn their No Claims Discount after they’ve been with us a year, which is pretty amazing!

ingenie driver Hanna
I thought I wouldn’t be able to drive for a few years after passing my test, as the insurance would be too high. If we hadn’t discovered ingenie I still would not be insured.

Hanna, 19
Saved £1,000 by choosing ingenie


How new drivers can save money on their insurance

  1. Do your research

    Your first insurance policy is going to be expensive next to what more experienced drivers pay, because you’re statistically more likely to crash and you don’t have a No Claims Discount yet.

    It’s tough, but when you’re getting lots of different quotes, try not to jump at the cheapest you find. It could end up costing you down the line if your policy limits your mileage or has curfews - 2 things ingenie doesn’t do.

    It’s also wise to resist the temptation to make a policy cheaper by choosing a high excess. If you crash, you WILL have to pay that out - and if you crash more than once, guess what? You pay that cost again.

  2. Pick the right car

    Having recently passed your test, you need a car you’re going to be confident in and able to afford to run. Luckily, these things sort of match up: cars in low insurance groups are the cheapest to insure, the easiest to park and you might even find yours is vehicle tax exempt.

    If you haven’t already settled on a car, check out our Top 10 Cars - our pick of the best cars for new drivers.

  3. Don't make costly mistakes in search of cheap insurance

    When you're looking for your first insurance policy, you'll probably run hundreds of quotes, trying to find a way to make it cheaper. At this point, it's easy to make expensive mistakes.

    Despite it being illegal, you'll still find plenty of people on new driver forums advising that you put your mum or dad as the main driver and yourself as a named driver, even though you'll be driving the car most. They're right - this would make your insurance cheaper. Until you needed to make a claim and your insurance company declared your policy invalid and refused to pay out on your claim.

    It's called fronting and it's a kind of insurance fraud. Not only is it illegal - it also negates the point of having insurance. If your details aren't correct when you get your policy, your insurance is invalid and you're essentially driving without it - which is also illegal.

    However, it is a good idea to add a parent as a named driver if they'll be using the car sometimes too. It tells insurers that the car will be driven by a lower-risk driver at least some of the time. This way also lets you earn your own No Claims Discount - which is the holy grail for a new driver as it will help your insurance drop considerably if you get to the end of your first year claim-free.

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  4. Choose a black box policy

    It can be a bit intimidating, taking to the road as a first time driver. With a black box, you get a co-pilot for a bit of support while you’re growing your driving skills. It looks for trends in your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering so we can send you feedback to help you improve.

    The black box also lets us give you discounts for good driving - up to 21% off the cost of your insurance each year. You get the chance to earn your discounts 3 times a year, so you could get your first discount after just 3 months of driving.