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Car insurance for learner drivers

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Car insurance for learner drivers

Two ways learner drivers can practise and save on their insurance

Drive someone else’s car

Flexible Learner insurance that suits you

No one knows how long it can take to pass your test, which is why we made ingenie Learner insurance, a short-term, flexible cover that allows you to practise in someone else’s car.

If you’ve got a keen driving practice buddy (that’s the first hurdle done), all you need to do is choose how many months of cover you need, from 1-6 months. Then, if you haven’t quite nailed that parallel park yet, you can just buy more time.

The best bit? The car owner’s No Claims Discount is protected if you do have a little ding along the way. There’ll also be a much lower excess to pay - we’re good like that.

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Drive your own car

Black box insurance for Learners and New drivers

If you have your own car parked up and waiting for you to pass, you can start earning discounts on your car insurance…well, now!

With a black box under your bonnet or plugged into your car, you’ll get regular driving feedback on your acceleration, braking, cornering and speed. You’ll also get a score out of 100, so you can stay on track to earn the max discount.

And the savings don’t have to stop there. Once you’ve passed your test you can carry on earning discounts, 3 times a year on an ingenie Young driver policy.

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Get practising in someone else’s car in 3 simple steps

Choose how long you need

From 1-6 months, just decide how many months of cover you’d like on someone else’s car, then add more time if you need it before test day.

Get a quote on your practice car

Quotes start from £1.49 a day* so you can make the most of your practice time without worrying about the cost.

Call when you pass

Stop as a learner, start as a new driver! As soon as you pass, give us a call and we’ll do the maths to swap you onto a Young driver policy for your own car.

*Average daily price based on all policies sold between July 2020 - Oct 2020.

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How ingenie Black Box Learner and New driver insurance works

Fit your black box

We’ll either arrange for an engineer to come out to you or send you a black box in the post which you can fit to your car yourself.

Driving feedback every 10 days

While you’re learning to drive, we’ll send you regular driving feedback via the ingenie app, so you can see where you’re acing it and the areas you can improve.

Earn up to 21% back

Just drive how your instructor taught you and you could earn up to 21% back on your insurance throughout the year - just for driving well!

If you're driving more than you estimated, you'll need to call us to buy top up miles. If you drive over your mileage allowance your insurance could be cancelled.

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Just head to our Young Driver’s Guide for all the learner advice you need to get road-ready.