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The ingenie guide to learning to drive

Learning to drive can be daunting at times. So we’ve put together a few useful tips for those of you that are getting started.
Let’s get you on the road to good driving!

1. Find the right driving instructor

Finding the right driving instructor is going to be crucial to how you progress and how confident you feel. Personal recommendations are a great way to find a good driving instructor, so ask friends and family who’ve passed which one they used. If not, there’ll still be plenty of reviews online. Don’t be afraid to shop around and try a lesson or two before committing to multiple lessons – it’s an important decision!

Make sure your driving instructor is DSA approved. Ask if they offer help with driving theory, lessons in evenings and weekends, motorway practice, post-test lessons and advice on private practice.

2. Get ready for your theory and practical driving tests

driving tips

Tips to pass your theory test

There are a ton of useful study aids to help with the driving theory test. The most popular ones at the moment are the official DVSA Theory Test Kit and the 4-in-1 Driving Test Success apps although they do cost £4.99 (but usually very worth it for how helpful they are!)

These apps help with training for the hazard test as well as the Highway Code multiple choice, although we’d also recommend getting out on the road to do some real-time hazard spotting. Do this both as a passenger and when you’re practising outside of lessons.

Testing yourself in different ways can help a lot, for example by having a friend or family member test you verbally as well as using the app Q&A.

Not all of us are great at doing exams, no matter how much we study. If you suffer from exam nerves, it’s always comforting to remind yourself that the theory test can be retaken as many times as it takes and failure won’t stop you from continuing with lessons and practice!

driving tips

Tips to pass your driving practical test

Practice is the best way to prepare for your practical test. If you can, drive as much as possible outside of your official lessons. You’ll need to get insured to drive someone else’s car, or your own car if you have one. Like anything, the more you drive the less nervous you’ll feel on the road. Check out our advice on getting the most out of private practice.

If you’re taking the test locally, try to learn the road routes, the layouts at junctions, crossings and traffic lights. Note which lane the driver gets into for roundabouts and how they indicate. Familiarity = confidence!

What if you fail? You wouldn’t be alone, as around half of drivers who take their test for the first time fail. It’s frustrating, but sometimes a failure is what we need to learn from our mistakes and come back stronger. If you’ve failed or are worried about failing, visit our Facebook group #ItsOKtofail for a bit of support from other learners in the same situation.

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How ingenie’s flexible Learner insurance works

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