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What happens if you get 6 points on your licence within 2 years of passing your test?

If you get 6 or more points within 2 years of passing your test, your driving licence will be revoked.

What are driving licence penalty points?

You can get endorsements (points) on your provisional or full licence for things like speeding, dangerous driving, not having insurance and other bad behaviour.

Penalty points stay on your licence for 4 or 11 years depending on how serious the driving offence is. Once you're through the 2 years after passing your test, you can be disqualified for building up 12 points or more in any 3-year period.

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What happens when your driving licence is revoked?

The DVLA will basically cancel your driving licence. You'll have to apply and pay for a new provisional licence, and pass your theory and practical driving tests again. All of which costs you time and money.

Having your driving licence revoked is different from a driving ban. A ban or disqualification will be for a set length of time, whereas with losing your licence, you can start working towards passing your test again straight away.

What happens if you get points on your provisional licence?

Yes, you can get points on a licence you don't even have yet. If you speed or misbehave in any other way while you're learning and practising, you'll get points in the exact same way as with a full licence.

Can you take your test with points on your provisional licence?

The points on your provisional licence will remain valid until they expire and will be transferred to your full licence when you pass, but they won't stop you from taking your driving test.

If you get any further penalty points that take you up to a total of 6 or more within 2 years of passing your driving test, your licence will be revoked and you'll be back to square one.

If you have 6 or more points (11 being the maximum) on your provisional licence, you can still take your test. But if you get even one more point after passing, your licence will be revoked.

You can check your driving licence for points on GOV.UK.

Will my points be registered from the date of the offence or the date they receive my licence?

The date of the offence is what’s relevant, not the date you get the letter or date they receive your licence.

I retook my tests after my licence was revoked, will I be on a 2-year New Driver probation again?

When you retake and pass your driving theory and practical test you're not classed as a new driver anymore, so you won't have the 2 year New Drivers Act probation again - this just applies for the first 2 years from the first test you take and pass.

The 6 points you do have will go across to your new licence and if you reach 12 or more points within any 3 year period, you would be subject to a totting up disqualification, as would any other driver.

Am I still classed as a New Driver if I passed a test in a different category?

Your licence would only be revoked under the New Drivers Act if you get 6 or more points within the first 2 years of passing the first test you take.

If you now pass in a manual, having passed in an automatic first or just passed your test to drive a car (when you only had a motorcycle licence) you’re not classed as a new driver as far as the New Drivers Act states - the 2 years start from when you passed your first test.

Using your phone at the wheel = automatically losing your licence

If you're caught using your phone while you're driving, you'll get a £200 fine and 6 points. For drivers with less than 2 years on the road, that'll mean an automatic revocation of your licence.

Updated: 30/09/20


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