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Running a car

What gets checked during a car service?

It’s really important to get your car serviced regularly if you want it to stay safe, efficient and reliable.

Servicing is something you will need to have done at a professional garage by a mechanic – it’s not something you can do yourself. And that means it will cost money – like fuel, it’s a cost you need to factor in when you’re considering buying a car.

At the end of each service you’ll receive a stamp in your car’s service book.

A complete service history is one of the things you should always look for when buying a used car – and something potential buyers will look for if you ever decide to sell your car.

Don’t be tempted to cut corners by putting off your annual service, or waiting until there is a problem with your car before taking it to a garage – regular servicing is a must!

Don't be tempted to miss your service to save money.

There are 2 types of service available:

  1. Interim service
  2. Full service

An interim car service should be carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles to keep your car safe and roadworthy in-between full services, which should be carried out every 12,000 miles or 12 months.

To find out what gets checked at a service, see the table below:

Interim Service Full Service
Oil and Oil Filter Replacement
Brake Fluid
Anti-freeze Coolant
Windscreen Wash
Power Steering Fluid
Windscreen Wipers
Battery Condition
Charging System
Exhaust System
Tyre Tread and Pressure
Full Brake Check
Steering Check
Shock Absorbers Check
Suspension Check
Auxiliary Drive Belt Check
Wheel Alignment Check
Wheel Bearing Check
Wheel Balance
Brake Fluid Condition
Fuel Filter (Diesel)
Spark Plugs (Petrol)
Air Filter