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How to stop your windscreen freezing

Hands up if you forget that windscreens ice over in the winter until you get to your car, about 5 minutes late as usual.

*shoots hand straight up*

Why do we do it? We have smartphones that tell us it's -2. We have weather forecasts. We have memories. And yet we still arrive at our cars and stare blankly at the thick layer of ice that stands between us and our day.

How to keep the ice off your windscreen

  1. Cover your windshield to prevent frost forming

  2. You can a) buy a nice windshield protector or b) ugly DIY it with a twice-folded sheet. Both work and both will make you feel like a complete champ when you get rid of any ice with a quick flick of your wrist and set straight off.

    Tips for keeping the windshield ice-free:

    • If you're DIYing it with a folded sheet, you'll need to dry it before using it again or the whole thing will turn to ice real quick. You'll also need a plastic bag in the car to put it in after your smug removal.
    • If you're placing anything on your windshield overnight, use your windscreen wipers to secure it. Just pull 'em out, put the cover on and put them back into position.
    • Don't use newspaper. It's thin enough that it could freeze straight to your windshield, meaning a lot of nasty scraping the next day.
    Bonus tip: tie plastic bags over your wing mirrors. Good look.
  3. Use night before de-icer

  4. This appears to be a miracle product. Night before (or pre-icer) de-icer works by stopping frost sticking to your windshield, so it's easier to clear away in the morning.

    Nope, not tried it. If I lived further north than I do (wouldn't be hard) I'd probably give it a go though. You can pick some up for about £3.

    So, that gets you as far as sitting in your slowly-warming car. Get all the help you need for actually driving in ice and snow.