How to avoid road rage

Driving tips


The survey results from our #RedMist campaign have shown that 70% of young drivers have been a victim of road rage in the past 12 months, proving that road rage is still a problem.

We worked with Dr Lisa Dorn, an expert in driver behaviour at Cranfield University, to put together five top tips for keeping calm behind the wheel:

  1. Plan your route in advance

    Even if you’re planning on using a satnav! It may also be worth looking at 1 or 2 alternative routes in case you hit bad traffic - especially if you're driving during rush hour.

  2. Leave early

    Our latest survey found 71% or drivers felt calmer in the car when they had plenty of time to complete their journey.

  3. Get a good night's sleep

    Our survey found that 55% of young drivers polled felt calmer behind the wheel if they had slept well the night before. So getting enough sleep is essential to keeping calm behind the wheel, especially if you're preparing for a long drive.

  4. Make sure you're chilled before you set off

    A stressful day can contribute to road rage so it helps to relax before starting your journey. Try putting on some relaxing music if you feel yourself becoming frustrated - 58% of people we surveyed said this helped them keep calm.

  5. Be considerate to other road users

    Our survey revealed that 66% of drivers felt other drivers' behaviour was a major trigger for road rage. Getting a smile or a 'thank you' after letting someone out of a junction might just restore your faith in other drivers.


Jess passed her test first time at 17 and took to the busy London streets in a battered but beloved 1988 white Fiat Uno. She writes for ingenie's Young Driver's Guide and blog. You can follow Jess on .