What our customers say

I received a discount of £164 for driving well after just 3 months!

Benjamin Fisher, 18

What our customers say

ingenie was the cheapest by £1,100 - without them I wouldn't be on the road!

Faith Mitchell, 19

What our customers say

ingenie gave me the chance to lower my premium further by driving well

Elizabeth Jarratt, 19

What our customers say

When I renewed with ingenie my insurance came down by £963

Daniela Solari, 19

If you're looking for cheap insurance, @ingenie is pretty reasonable tbh. Cheapest I've seen so far. Correct me if I'm wrong 🤔

@MShortiaa, 16th June 2016

Alfie Thorn

I saved over £500 from the next cheapest quote and so far I’ve had a £117 discount. I’m a student getting ready to go to university, so every penny of my money counts.

Alfie Thorn, Age: 18

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Just received my first driving score from @ingenie and I am pleasantly surprised!

Emily Beatrice Smith, 11th June 2016

Danielle Goddard

I saved over £600 by choosing ingenie and knowing that the price would drop after driving well was a real incentive for me. I’ve had a discount at every stage possible.

Danielle Goddard, Age: 19

On the phone to @ingenie feeling like I'm Indiana Jones while on hold with these banging tunes.

@Conahallen1, 9th June 2016

Faith Mitchell

ingenie was the cheapest by £1,100 - without them I wouldn't be on the road!

Faith Mitchell, Age: 19

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So glad I took my insurance out with @ingenie after receiving 94/100 on my driving feedback, I'm getting a discount next month! Yay!!😃😃

@JessyyHemmings, 7th June 2016

Daniela Solari

When I renewed with ingenie my insurance came down by £963!

Daniela Solari, Age: 19

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@ingenie Thanks guys! I received a score of 100/100 and on my way of saving £160! 🤓 #safedriving! 😎

@IAmRazumaki, 1st June 2016

Elizabeth Jarratt

With ingenie they offer a low insurance premium and lower it even more if you're a good driver, win win for a student really!

Elizabeth Jarratt, Age: 19

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Every young person should get insured with @ingenie £500 average cheaper than the next best and I'm still saving ✌ pic.twitter.com

@ElJane96, 27th May 2016

@ingenie my black box has been fitted today actually quite excited to check my driving score...is that sad?! 😂

@thalrothers, 26th May 2016

Insurance renewal is less than half of my first year. @ingenie have stolen the show

@lucyyevanss, 23rd May 2016

Woooohoooo! Go me😂 pic.twitter.com

@charlottebuckss, 24th May 2016

Just got my @ingenie black box fitted, time to save some money 🙌🏼

@JackJacksonG, 5th May 2016

My insurance for this next year is only £585 I am SO SO SO HAPPY @ingenie thank you so much

@ella_penswick, 14th March 2016

Love price review day, £20 discount on my insurance. Thanks @ingenie!🚗

@JessBisp, 5th March 2016

Weyyyyy @ingenie twitter.pic.com

Chloe, 4th March 2016

Waaheeeeey go me! twitter.pic.com

@MissLesleyRose, 4th March 2016

Wicked! Thanks @ingenie twitter.pic.com

@xemmamannx, 23rd February 2016

Buzzing that car insurance has gone down to £80 a month compared to when I first took it out it was £200 a month 👌🏻 thanks @ingenie

@Sophie_Walton96, 18th February 2016

Black box is all fitted 👍🏻 @ingenie

@Roxannanananana, 17th February 2016

A perfect driving score!! 2nd review. Will my discount go up more if I carry on? @ingenie #perfect #driving pic.twitter.com

@Jake0590, 15th February 2016

Received my third insurance reduction from @ingenie this morning 😇😇😇😇

@vickylouisee_, 10th February 2016

Thanks @ingenie! 😃☺ twitter.pic.com

@bhaviiS11, 3rd February 2016

Yes 😬 @ingenie twitter.pic.com

@josh_perkins_, 31st January 2016

Shopping around and @ingenie are the cheapest by £490. I shall be staying another year 👍🏼

@taashhar, 19th January 2016

Waking up to a discount from @ingenie was probably the highlight of my day.

@IAmN0tPaulAvery, 18th January 2016

One thing I like about @ingenie is the driving feedback. Quite happy to be getting £28 next month! 😊

@Manic_L0rd, 14th January 2016

Last of the Needells to hit the road! @GeorgeNeedell puts on the plates - under the reassuring cover of @ingenie

@tiff_tv, 4th January 2016

@ingenie are great for first time drivers, lets you know where you need to improve and where you're doing great and you get discounts based on feedback.

@elz_5226, 31st December 2015

Many thanks to ingenie for ensuring I get my courtesy car in time for work on Boxing Day 💖

@SophiaBauer, 22nd December 2015

I'm the best driver ever, like who did those driving examiners think they were failing me? @ingenie pic.twiter.com

Lauren Saunders, 13th December 2015

Being with @ingenie was the best decision i ever made! Not even a year into being with them and my insurance has gone down dramatically!!

@Sopsxp, 10th December 2015

Absolutely chuffed with my insurance quote for next year. More than half price. Thanks @ingenie!🚙🚙🚙

@JessBisp, 27th November 2015

Insurance quote has practically halved for next year from £1109 to £632! Thank you @ingenie 🙌

Louise Watkinson, 26th November 2015

Driving Score got me like 👌 @ingenie pic.twitter.com

@BenEdge18, 21st November 2015

Big thanks to the @ingenie customer service, for professionally looking at my feedback and finding a solution with no problems.

@NathanAvie, 18th November 2015

78/100 driving score with £56 discount! 😜 All green feedback! 🚘 thanks @ingenie !! 😃

@bhabiiS11, 15th November 2015

Received 98/100 on my driving score again, which has resulted in another £90 back. Thanks @ingenie 😁

@JessHampton_, 12th November 2015

I got another all green message from ingenie and I'm on track for £132 back on my car insurance.

@Pink_Edsheeran, 9th November 2015

@ingenie Savina from your driving feedback team is that nicest person I've ever spoken to, she deserves a medal!

@Keira_Madison, 5th November 2015

Love the fact I've just received a £32.00 insurance discount 💁 #ingenie #GoodDrivingRewards 🚘

@Roxannanananana, 2nd November 2015

£79 back from my @ingenie car insurance, on track for another £79 discount #getinsunshine

@JordanG90, 26th October 2015

The amazing moment when you get £70 back from your car insurance for driving carefully! @ingenie

@CalebBlackmore, 22nd October 2015