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Are you a thrill seeker?

Take our quick quiz to find out if you’re a thrill seeking driver.

This quiz was created with the help of Dr Lisa Dorn who is an expert in Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University.

All you need to do is select how much you agree or disagree with the 12 statements.

1) I get a buzz from the whole driving experience 2) Safety is more important than the thrill of driving fast 3) I get a thrill out of driving fast 4) I like to raise my adrenaline levels while driving 5) Being a racing driver would be a dream come true 6) I sometimes like to frighten myself a little when driving 7) I ignore my passengers if they’re pushing me to drive faster 8) I don't like having to slow down for a corner 9) I would love to drive a sports car on a road with no speed limit 10) I don't feel in control if I'm going too fast 11) I enjoy the sensation of accelerating rapidly 12) I take more risks when I feel more confident in my driving skills Nice work. You prefer a well-ordered and routine style of driving and like to stick to the road rules. You have a traditional view of what driving should be about. Driving for you is not about gaining excitement and enjoying the risks, but taking a steady, calm and structured approach in order to arrive safely. Good job - don't let it slip! You tend not to use driving as a source of excitement: you see it more as a way of getting from A to B than as a way to get your adrenaline rush for the day. You usually avoid taking corners at speed or driving fast when there are only a few cars on the road. You generally follow the traffic rules. One risky decision could have serious consequences - be careful. You sometimes enjoy an adrenaline rush when driving fast. From time to time you might like to experience a buzz out of driving, especially on open country roads with bends and hills. You sometimes like to accelerate rapidly and may ignore the traffic rules occasionally. Time to slow down and think about the consequences – the buzz is not worth it. You love the thrill of driving and are likely to take risks to raise your adrenaline levels, like cornering at high speeds and accelerating rapidly. You enjoy creating an element of risk and you feel alive when you can experience the freedom of the open road at speed. Research shows that the thrill-seeking tendencies such as these increase the chances of you being involved in a collision.