Telematics explained

Telematics is not a new invention and has been used for over a decade in commercial vehicles, by the emergency services and Formula One teams. The technology is now widely being used in road cars.

The ingenie box is a self-contained unit the size of a smartphone that includes a:

  • GPS unit which captures when and where the car is driven
  • high frequency motion sensor which captures how the car is driven
  • SIM card which is used to transmit the data
Black box telematics device used by ingenie

The cost of the ingenie box and the fitting of the box is included in the price of your insurance.

fitting box
1. An ingenie telematics box is fitted out of sight in the car - collecting data on how the car is driven
2. Data is then transmitted from the box to secure servers via the EE network, allowing us to assess your driving style
Black box telematics device used by ingenie
3. We send you feedback on your driving which is available via the ingenie app or online
4. We give discounts to our best and most improved drivers, so drive well and you could pay less

We assess how you drive in 4 key areas:

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Acceleration
  • Cornering

You get feedback on how you're driving via the ingenie mobile app or online, which will point you in the right direction towards lowering the cost of your car insurance.