Silverstone x ingenie

Silverstone x ingenie Silverstone x ingenie

Driver development day
Driver development day

The safest place to experience danger

ingenie has teamed up with Silverstone, the home of British racing, to bring you a driver training day on Saturday 20 January 2018 that's all about dangerous road situations.

Your instructor taught you the driving skills you needed to know to start out alone - but what about the really scary stuff? The skids, the spin-outs and the high-speed hit-the-brakes moments?

That's where Silverstone's pro coaches come in. You'll learn how it feels to lose control, how to avoid it in the real world - and what to do if it does happen.

How much do you really know?

  • Skid control
  • Spin avoidance
  • Emergency braking at high speed
  • ABS system recognition
  • How road conditions affect your car's handling
  • Understeer and oversteer

What you'll get from your day at Silverstone

The best way to deal with danger is avoid getting into it. Silverstone's trainers will show you how those situations feel, within the safety of a controlled environment - and off the track!

You'll learn how to manage road conditions and practise skills that could save your life.

Whether you're into racing or not, the Silverstone circuit is an incredible British icon and a pretty special day out.

As well as being trained by Silverstone coaches, you'll also get to see the winner's podium and the track up close and personal.

It's a day for you to learn but ingenie will be learning too! This is our very first trial of a driver training course, so we're offering a super-reduced price to a limited number of ingenie drivers.

The trial course costs just £99 and with Christmas coming up, tickets won't stay around long.

So - what're you waiting for? Join us on Saturday 20 January 2018.

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