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RoadSafe is a road safety partnership of the government, leading companies in the motor and transport industries in Britain and road safety professionals. It aims to reduce deaths and injuries caused by road accidents and promote safer roads for all.

Passing the driving test does not guarantee safety. In fact, new drivers are most likely to crash in the first year of driving with a full licence – one in five drivers crash during their first six months on the road.

RoadSafe encourages those responsible for educating the young to realise their role in reducing death and injury among 17 to 25 year olds. They are building an alliance of organisations to:

  • Promote the benefits of parental involvement
  • Campaign for the introduction of road user education into the secondary school curriculum
  • Raise the standards of driver training
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Most young people feel pretty invincible when they start to drive, yet the reality is thousands of families and their friends are devastated every month by news that someone they know has been hurt or killed in a car crash. Drive iQ is a great way for young people to learn the theory of driving – it's totally interactive, state of the art and 100% free. Get yours now at Better education could save your life. I wholeheartedly support this campaign, it's a great initiative.

Natalie Pinkham, RoadSafe Ambassador