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Road Rage

We surveyed 1,000 17 to 25-year-olds in the UK to find out their experience of road rage - and the results were pretty surprising

It turns out that 70% of young drivers had been a victim of road rage in the past 12 months (2012). That's a LOT and is the reason why we created our #RedMist campaign - to get people thinking about road rage, how it affects them, and how to keep cool on the road.

But what kind of driver are you? To help you find out, we've worked closely with Dr Lisa Dorn, an expert in Driver Behaviour at Cranfield University, to create ingenie's road rage quiz.

Answer these 10 quick questions to find out whether you're a road rager.

Deep breaths.

Road Rage Text 14.08.2015 1) Do you get frustrated when the traffic lights change to red as you approach them? 2) You are travelling at the speed limit on a single lane road and are overtaken. How annoyed does this make you feel? 3) How irritated do you get if you see another driver using their mobile phone? 4) Do cyclists going through red lights frustrate you? 5) Does it irritate you to drive behind a slow moving vehicle? 6) Does it frustrate you when someone drives dangerously close behind you? 7) Someone undertakes you on the motorway. How annoyed does this make you feel? 8) Does loud music from another car annoy you? 9) Do you consider yourself a better driver than the majority of other road users? 10) Are you usually impatient during the rush hour? If only there were more drivers like you. Your calm and patient attitude on the road makes you a courteous and considerate driver. Not reacting to dangerous or inconsiderate road users means the roads are safer for you and others around you. Keep it up! It's not within your nature to become frustrated, but occasionally you may find yourself feeling annoyed whilst driving, perhaps if another road user has done something particularly dangerous or inconsiderate. In general you deal with frustrating incidents like tailgating well, so keep it up. There are times when other road users really wind you up, especially if you've had a bad day. Sometimes another driver will do something dangerous or inconsiderate and you might be tempted to shout or use your horn. Not all drivers are perfect, so try and give them the benefit of the doubt. It's natural to feel frustrated when another road user does something dangerous or inconsiderate, but acting on this frustration by using your horn or confronting someone could result in long-term consequences. It only takes one situation to get out of hand for you to risk doing something you regret, all for a single moment of madness. You must change your attitude to other road users.