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You only went and bloomin' DID IT, didn't you? Now it's time to get busy with sorting stuff out - insuring your car, getting it taxed, figuring out how to keep a satnav stuck to your windscreen for more than 5 minutes.

This is it: FREEDOM. And it feels so good.

Time to get that car insurance sorted, then off you go. We're even giving away cash to help you get on the road.

How ingenie makes insurance cheaper

Save on your insurance quote

Young drivers save an average of £500 when they buy their car insurance from us. The black box is included at no extra cost.*

Earn up to 21% extra discount

Based on your driving, your price is reviewed 3 times a year. 7 out of 10 customers earn a discount just for driving well.**

More savings when you renew

On average, our customers' insurance drops by 45% after one year - that works out at around £700 cheaper.***

*Based on customer responses Jan-15 to Oct-15

**Based on all ingenie customers Jan-15 to Sep-15

***Based on ingenie renewals Jan-15 to Sep-15

N.B. Premium increases could apply for poor driving

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