You'll receive a message on your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering approximately every 10 days

The messages let you know how you've been driving since your last set of driving feedback messages

The driving messages show you the areas you're driving well in and where you can improve

More likely to improve score

Green (Good) messages indicate that you are driving consistently well

Light green (Okay) messages mean that in general you've been driving well, however there are areas of your driving that you need to work on before you can receive a 'Good' message

Amber (Needs Improvement) messages show areas requiring attention in order to stay safe

Orange (Unsafe) messages highlight that you urgently need to improve your driving as it's becoming a concern

Red (Dangerous) messages warn you that there is a serious problem with your driving, and that you need to take immediate action

Black (Highly Dangerous) messages are very rare. You'll only get one of these messages if you:

  • Drive extremely recklessly (e.g. driving excessively over the speed limit

  • Get an extremely high number of harsh braking and/or harsh cornering events

  • Get 6 Red (Dangerous) messages for speeding in the year

More likely to reduce score

How it works info

What happens if I receive Red or Black messages?


Not only does receiving Red (Dangerous) messages increase the likelihood your insurance premium rising, but if you receive 3 of them in a quarter for the same driving category then we'll apply a 30 point penalty to your driving score. This 30 point penalty will remain in place until after your next price review. If you receive 6 Red (Dangerous) messages for speed then this will result in a black message.

If we notice a trend of dangerous driving or you receive more than 1 Red (Dangerous) message in the same driving category (like speed or braking), we may get in touch to talk about your driving. This would include tips on how to improve your driving, helping you work towards earning good driving discounts.


If you receive a black (Highly Dangerous) message then:

Warning: driving at unacceptably high speeds or creating an extremely high number of harsh braking or harsh cornering events may lead us to cancel your insurance with us immediately