Fees and charges

Please note that both general and ingenie box fees can apply to your policy.


£25 Mid-term adjustment
Mid-term adjustment refers to a change to an insurance policy prior to the end of the policy period (when coverage is offered). The change to the policy may cause a change in the premium (an increase or a decrease). Changes can include: sale of the vehicle, purchase of a replacement vehicle, adding additional drivers, change of address or other changes that impact the risk to the insurer
£10 Cancellation (within the 14 day cooling off period)
£35 Cancellation (after the 14 day cooling off period)
£12 Direct Debit default / Returned cheque

The ingenie box

There are no additional costs for fitting the box for the first time as this is included in your premium.

£48 If you miss an arranged black box fitting, repair or replacement appointment without giving us at least 24 hours' notice
£48 If we cannot or decide not to fit your box because your car is modified in any way, is in an unfit state or parked in an unsuitable location
£85 Removal of black box at your request (we automatically stop recording your driving once your policy ends)
£80 First change of car (fitting new black box in this replacement car)
£106 Second change of car (fitting new black box in this second replacement car)
£160 Subsequent change of car (fitting new black box in this subsequent replacement car)
£175 Fee to cover the black box fitting if the policy is cancelled within the first period of insurance
£0 Replacing a faulty black box
£160 If you damage or tamper with the black box, we reserve the right to cancel your policy and/or charge you