Your feedback messages tell you how you've been driving since you got your last messages. Your driving score tells you how you've been driving since the review period began. This means that the feedback messages you get are not directly linked to your driving score.Your feedback messages come in 6 different colours, from green (Good) to black (Highly Dangerous). Within each message colour there are grades, so a change from Okay to Good doesn't happen overnight.You’ll receive driving messages roughly every 10 days, as long as you’ve driven at least 40 miles. If you’re paying monthly, you can find out when your payments are due by looking at the documents we emailed to you when you took out the policy.

If you pay by monthly instalments, it will be spread over your remaining payments and you'll get email confirmation of this.

If you paid upfront, your discount or increase will be processed on the card you paid with. It should be with you within 14 days of the review period ending.

Not all of the driving categories - speed, acceleration, braking and cornering - are treated equally. Speed is the most serious area, as research shows there is a strong link between speeding and crashes. Your score will be updated rougly every 10 days, as long as you've driven at least 40 miles.Your feedback messages tell you how you've been driving since you got your last messages. Your driving score tells you how you've been driving since the review period began. This means that the feedback messages you get are not directly linked to your driving score.
If we notice a trend of dangerous driving or you receive more than 1 red (Dangerous) message in the same driving category (like speed or braking), we may get in touch to talk about your driving. This would include tips on how to improve your driving, helping you work towards earning good driving discounts.We measure each of the four key driving areas using the GPS and accelerometer data from the black box that we install in your car:
  • We measure acceleration (G Force) using the accelerometer in the box. Acceleration is a measure of the rate at which speed changes. For example, if your speed increases rapidly over a short period of time, you will create a higher acceleration than if your speed increases more slowly
  • Braking is similar to acceleration, and measures the rate at which your car slows down
  • Cornering measures the rate at which your car goes round a corner. The two main factors that determine the g force generated when cornering are the angle of the corner and the speed at which your car is travelling. For example, the tighter the corner, the slower you should approach and take the corner in order to generate a lower G force
  • We calculate your speed using the GPS signal transmitted from your box: the speed is then compared to our database of speed limits across the country. Any speed identified where your car was travelling fast enough to receive a speeding ticket and points on your license will generate speeding scores
If you receive a black (Highly Dangerous) message then:
  • Your score will be set to zero until after your next quarterly price review – when your score will be reset
  • You’ll receive the highest increase in price you can for that quarter
  • We'll call you to discuss your driving, and send you a letter that explains everything
  • Your policy will be put on review and unless we see a significant improvement in your driving your policy will be cancelled
  • If you go on to receive a second black (Highly Dangerous) message at any time throughout the year then your insurance policy will be cancelled
Warning: Driving at unacceptably high speeds may lead us to cancel your insurance with us immediately.
Not only does receiving red (Dangerous) messages increase the likelihood of your insurance premium rising, but if you receive 3 of them in a quarter for the same driving category then we'll apply a 30 point penalty to your driving score. This 30 point penalty will remain in place until after your next price review. If you receive 6 Red (Dangerous) messages for speed then this will result in a black message.Warning: ingenie is focused on creating a community of better, safer drivers. We reward drivers who drive well, but we cannot condone driving at unacceptably high speeds. Therefore ingenie would try to contact you by phone to tell you we will be cancelling your insurance, and follow up with a letter confirming cancellation. You’ll receive driving feedback messages approximately every 10 days, as long as you’ve driven at least 40 miles in that time. So it might be that you haven’t driven enough miles to receive feedback on your driving.

Take a look at your driving messages on a regular basis as these will highlight the areas you can improve in. You’ll also find a ‘How to improve’ section on our app and in the ‘My account’ area, which covers each of the 4 key areas of your driving – speed, acceleration, braking and cornering.

If we notice a trend of dangerous driving or you get more than 1 red message in the same driving category (like speed or braking), we may get in touch to talk about your driving. This would include tips on how to improve your driving, helping you work towards earning good driving discounts.

Your score is an overall score out of 100 (100 being the best) which combines your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. We look for trends in your driving to give an indication of where you’ve been driving well and where your driving has been poor – this then is converted into a score. If you find your score has room for improvement, please see our ‘How to improve’ section on the app or in your ‘My account’ area.Once your black box is fitted, you should receive your first set of feedback messages after 10 days, providing you have driven the minimum of 40 milesYour messages are based on how you’ve been driving in the past 10 days (or since your last set of feedback) and show you the areas you’re driving well in and where you can improve. Your overall driving score is based on how you’ve been driving in the quarter so far and let’s you know whether you’re on track for a discount or increase at your next price review. The higher your score the less you’ll pay.Every 10 days we’ll give you an overall driving score out of 100 that takes into consideration your speed, accelerating, braking and cornering. To help you improve your score you’ll also receive driving messages in each of the 4 key areas. To find out more please see our ‘How ingenie works’ page. Yes, you can share your driving feedback with anyone. It’s easy to share your feedback – just log in to your ‘My account’ area and go to the ‘Manage account’ section. In here you can send an email inviting your parents to view your driving feedback.
To prevent us cancelling your policy unnecessarily, please contact us on 0330 303 0014 as soon as the box has been fitted. You'll then need to send the outstanding documents within a week by one of the following ways: Email: [email protected] Post: Prospect House Gordon Banks Drive Trentham Lakes North Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ST4 4TW Please include your name and reference number (which is at the top of every letter we send to you). You don't have to send the original documents – copies are fine.The black box is roughly the size of a smartphone and is fitted out of sight, usually behind your dashboard. It has no effect on the general operation of the car.It's installed within the first 10 days of the policy becoming active, but don't worry, you're insured from day one. Fitting can take place Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5.30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 12pm. The fitter will come to your home, college, workplace or other convenient location in mainland Britain.We usually fit the box out of sight so it’s unlikely that it would be damaged. However, if the box was damaged then the cost would be covered by the insurance as a part of the repair cost.Yes, fitting of the box is simple, it gets installed by an approved ingenie fitter and generally takes less than an hour. Please take a look at our fitting the box section for more details.You can find out more on this subject by reading our telematics explained page.The black box installed in your car records speed, acceleration, braking, cornering and usage. We also collect data relating to the type of roads you use and your car's GPS location (which may help the police to recover your car if it is stolen).A ‘black box’ is the telematics box we fit to your car, out of sight. We use this box to build up a picture of your driving style and give you driving feedback on how you’re doing. For more information see telematics explained and fitting the box. If you have a question about your policy, need to make a claim or want some help with your feedback, you can find all the phone numbers you need in My Account and the ingenie app. Unlike some other ‘black-box’ insurers, there are no curfews with our policies – you’re free to drive when you like. We’re more interested in how you drive, not when you drive.For convenience, ingenie allows multiple drivers to be insured on one car. Therefore the driving feedback and price reviews are based on how the car is being driven, not by how individuals are driving.Currently, you would need to be the policyholder. A parent will be able to be a named driver on your policy. One of the benefits of this is that you will be able to start earning your No Claim Discount in your own right.If you’re at least 25 years old, have the car owners permission and it is stated on your certificate of insurance then you’ll be able to drive other cars on a third party basis.Yes, subject to availability, a free courtesy car is supplied, provided your car is repaired by one of our Approved Repairers. ingenie also offers you the opportunity to purchase Upgraded Replacement Car cover, which would provide you with a free replacement car for up to 21 days in the event of a crash or your car being stolen. Click here for full policy details.Yes, ingenie can add this to your insurance policy for an additional £26. ingenie's legal protection policy gives you legal representation cover up to £100,000. This helps you to recover your uninsured losses if you have an accident that isn't your fault. Click here for full policy details.Yes, as long as the owner is your parent/ grandparent/ husband/wife or civil partner and you have their permission.In the event that your car is stolen, you’ll need to obtain a Crime Reference Number from the police and then call us on 0330 303 0021. We will co-operate with the police to help recover your vehicle.You can take out breakdown cover with ingenie in addition to your insurance. Our partner Intana provides the following wide range of benefits within the UK:
  1. Home and roadside assistance
  2. Vehicle recovery/onward transportation
  3. European cover including many useful features that give you protection, even before you have left home. Click here for full details of Intana's UK and European Motor Breakdown Cover.
Please call 0330 303 0021. Our Claims line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you’ve downloaded the ingenie app you’ll find there is helpful information to guide you in the event of an accident and a call button to provide urgent assistance.Yes, you are covered for up to 14 days per policy year for driving within the EU. Please refer to section H of the policy wording for full details of cover when driving abroad.No, we don’t insure cars that have been modified in any way. Modifications include, but are not limited to bodykits, performance enhancements and non-standard alloys.If you’d like to change your car then you’ll need to call us on 0330 3030014 so that we can update your details. When changing your car the price of your insurance may change and there may be fees applied. If you cancel your policy before the end of the first policy year, a £166 charge will apply to cover the cost of the black box and its fitting. For full details of fees relating to changing your car or cancelling your policy, please see the Terms of Business Agreement.Your policy and other important documents, including your cover note, will be emailed to you once you take out a policy. Your certificate of motor insurance is emailed to you once the ‘black box’ has been fitted.Yes, ingenie customers can earn NCD in the normal way and this is applied to your insurance premium at renewal.Unlike some other ‘black-box’ insurers, we don’t restrict the amount of miles you are allowed to drive. You'll need to estimate how many miles you think you will drive when you take out the policy but if you find that you're driving more during the policy year just give us a call on 0330 3030014 to let us know.

We’re not a speed camera in disguise. However, persistent speeding is likely to result in an increase to your insurance premium – but don’t forget it can only increase up to the maximum amount shown on your quote.

We would only consider cancelling your policy in extreme cases, and we would normally send you several warnings and try to contact you to help you improve your driving before this would happen. However, driving at unacceptably high speeds will result in the immediate cancellation of your insurance with us.

We understand that you may have concerns over how we will use your driving data.
  • We will not release your data to the police or to any civil authorities, unless we suspect fraud or attempted fraud, or if we are required to do so by law or a court order.
  • We will not be using your driving data as a 'speed camera'.
  • We will not use the data to decline your claim simply because you were driving above the legal speed limit.
  • We will use the data to help us identify if another driver is making a false claim against you.
  • We will use the data to help us identify if you are making a false claim.
We use personal information provided by you to manage your insurance policy. This includes underwriting and handling claims as well as issuing policy renewal documents to you. These activities may involve us releasing personal information to insurers, regulatory authorities or agents providing services on our behalf. Information relating to you and your insurance policy may also be used or shared to help prevent fraud. We may (and we may work with third parties to) check your personal information against data about you and we use this information when calculating your premium (such checks may include credit checking).Using the black box, we build up a picture of your driving style – including your speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. We review the price of your insurance 3 times a year based on how you’ve been driving over the previous 3 months – drive well and pay less.Insurance companies usually reward customers by offering a No Claims Discount for each year that you insure without a claim. ingenie offers a No Claims Discount that’s built into your quote, and gives further discounts to those who drive well.Yes you’re insured from your policy start date, even if you haven’t had the box fitted. We’ll contact you the day after you take out a policy to arrange the fitting of the box – which will need to be fitted within the first ten days of your policy starting.
At the end of the year, we offer you a renewal quote that takes into account your final quarterly driving data, plus any No Claims Discount you’ve earned.You'll find this on the score section of your ingenie app or ‘My account’ area.Every 10 days we’ll update your score along with an increase or discount that you’re on track to receive at your next price review. If you’re on track to receive a discount then continue driving well, although there may still be ways to improve your score and get a bigger discount! However, if you’re on track for an increase in price then look at your driving messages as these will show you the areas you can improve in. You can also check out our ‘How to improve’ section, which can be found on the app and ‘My account’ area.The cost of repairing/replacing your car is only one of the factors used by insurers to calculate your insurance premium. Repairs to other cars that you may have collided with are also taken into consideration. Personal injury claims, particularly for whiplash, have also fuelled increasing insurance costs, so in some cases the insurance premium will exceed the value of the car.Insurers use many different rating factors to determine an annual premium. These include but are not limited to age, driving experience, address, vehicle and named drivers. They also consider the cost of repair, accident frequency and compensation (bodily injury etc). As well as standard rating factors, ingenie use the black box to build up a picture of your driving style and review your premium 3 times a year based on the way you have driven over the previous 3 months.No, there's no additional cost as we've already included this in your premium. However, charges may apply if you change your car or cancel your policy.Yes, you can pay your insurance with a single payment, or, subject to normal checks, by monthly instalments. You will normally be asked to pay a 20% deposit followed by 10 monthly payments.The price of your insurance is reviewed 3 times a year based on how you’ve been driving over the previous 3 months. If you drive well then the price of your insurance will come down, however in the event of poor driving your insurance premium may increase. The maximum amount your insurance price can change is shown on your quote.Yes, we’ll issue a bank transfer to send the money back to the card that paid for the policy.To calculate your initial starting price we use some of the standard risk/rating factors - including your car, driving experience and address. Then, so long as your policy details remain the same, your premium will be reviewed quarterly and could be adjusted based on how you drive. Drive well and the cost of your insurance could come down.We use the data from the black box installed in your car to build a picture of your driving style. We then review the price of your insurance 3 times a year based on how you’ve been driving during the previous 3 months - if you drive well then the cost of your insurance will come down.