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ingenie sponsors Drive iQ – an award-winning programme that helps young drivers before, during and after their driving test.

Why ingenie supports Drive iQ

ingenie's approach is as much about road safety as it is about making insurance affordable for young drivers. ingenie sponsors Drive iQ and has been working closely with them for the past two years to help young drivers and their parents make informed choices about every aspect of learning to drive – from applying for a provisional license to taking the test and getting on the road for the first time.

Research shows that the most critical time for new drivers is during their first two weeks, and that far too many young drivers are under-prepared when they first take to the roads. A recent report by the Association of British Insurers states that 40% of 17 year old males have an accident within their first six months of driving.

Drive iQ teaches learner drivers more than just how to use the car controls. It helps them to drive safely both whilst learning, and once they've passed their test – something that ingenie supports.

Drive iQ - helping young drivers before they get into a car

Whether you're old enough to drive or yet to apply for your provisional license, Drive iQ offers free software that will help prepare you for when you start learning to drive. Online modules give you a feel for what it is like to take the roads, with hazard perception and distraction just some of the areas covered to better prepare you for the road and improve your confidence before you start taking lessons.

This free software is designed for use across communities including schools/colleges and groups, and more information can be found at

Drive iQ PRO - the way to learn to drive

The best way to be fully prepared for life on the road is to take your driving lessons with a Drive iQ PRO instructor. Rather than simply teach you the controls of a car and how to drive it, Drive iQ PRO instructors have had advanced training in areas such as hazard perception, distraction, motorway and night driving, focusing more on driver behaviour and attitude.

This knowledge will not just get you to test standard, but will also make you feel much more aware and confident when you have passed your test and take to the roads by yourself for the first time.

Benefits for young drivers

Not only will Drive iQ make you better prepared once you pass your test, but it also provides some great benefits for young drivers aged 17-25:

  • BTEC qualification
  • Motorway and Night driving (post-test)
  • Theory and Hazard Perception test preparation

Working to create safer roads

ingenie are committed to making Britain's roads safer. This year ingenie has run #DontDriveDistracted and #RedMist. #DontDriveDistracted aimed to raise awareness of the dangers of driver distraction and #RedMist aimed to raise awareness of the impact road rage has on the driving community.

2012 Road Safety Campaigns