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Britain’s Safest Young Driver

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Britain's Safest Young Driver: Emma Clancy

Britain's Safest Young Driver

Emma is from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex and has been with us since February 2014. She's now in her second year with ingenie.

In her first year with us she received all good feedback messages and consistently had a score of 100/100, giving her the maximum 21% discount back in her first year.

Emma's put in the work and got the reward but she deserves an extra shout out for being the best driver in the entire ingenie community.

Congratulations Emma!

I am very pleased to be named the safest driver as I always make sure that I am driving to the best of my ability. Being named the safest driver has made me feel confident and proud about the way I drive.

Emma Clancy, 18 - Britain's Safest Young Driver

Let's hear it for some of the other brilliant drivers in the ingenie community

While Emma from Essex might be our safest driver, we have safe drivers from all around the country. Here are just a few of the best drivers in the ingenie community:

Stephanie Luke, North Shields

ingenie driver Stephanie

ingenie has made sure I drive safely because I want to get a driving score of 100/100. My best advice is be prepared for the unexpected and don’t expect others driver to do what you expect them to do.

James Baker, Wrexham

ingenie driver James

ingenie’s driving feedback messages have helped me to become a better driver. It's got to a point now where keeping to the speed limit has become a habit and I don’t think of it as only doing it to save money.

Laura Jeffreys, Telford

ingenie driver Laura

I check my feedback as soon as I get a notification. There’s a real satisfaction when it comes back all green as I know I’m being a safe driver and it also helps bring the cost of my insurance down.

James Hughes, Beverley

ingenie driver James

ingenie has helped me develop as a driver. Knowing you’re getting good feedback is an incentive to drive in a similar style, allowing for more positive feedback and potentially saving a substantial amount.

John Saunders, Milton Keynes

ingenie driver John

ingenie has helped me become a better driver, by seeing my feedback messages I can see what I need to work on and improve. My advice to other drivers is to take your time and be patient.