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What if I change my car?

Hey, things change. If you need to change the car on your insurance, just speak to us on live chat and we'll go through updating your details with you.

Keep in mind that the car is part of how our insurers work out how much your insurance will cost, so you may need to pay some extra - or we might even give you money back. If you're planning on buying a new car, it's worth checking how much of a difference that might be before committing.

There’s a £25 admin charge for making changes to your insurance.

If you’ve got a self-fit black box, we’ll advise you whether you can still use it in the new car or if you need to switch to a fitted box. In most cases you’ll be able to take your self-fit box with you and plug it into your new car. If you need help finding the OBD port, you can use the location checker on our help page.