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That’s a wrap! ingenie rewards app drivers with £22,000 cash

ingenie Rewards hands over £22,000

It all started back in late 2017. I remember it like it was yesterday. Well, sort of.

We wanted to do some super high-tech research in to the best way to record an individual's driving. And rather than scout out a group of scientists who aren't in touch with what we do here at ingenie, we thought we'd go straight to our own community of driving experts - you guys.

Oh - and reward you for your help with a big stack of cash, of course!

ingenie Rewards

The ingenie Rewards app was basically designed to work as a mini black box and it's been a really interesting project for us. We get a bit excited over data you see.

Nearly 5,000 of you signed up to our app - each earning tickets into our monthly £1,000 prize draw, just by driving all the normal routes you'd usually make.

Since September 2017 we've recorded thousands of miles worth of journeys and given away not 5 thousand, not 10 thousand, but 22 THOUSAND pound in cash to ingenie Rewards drivers.


Our final Rewards winner

I can't quite believe I'm saying this, but our last ever £1,000 Rewards winner for June is...drum roll please...bit more suspense please... Bethany Edwards from Salford!

I am in shock after receiving this email! Thank you so much. The money will be put towards me moving house as I’ve just started a new job and moved to Manchester so it’s come at a great time!

Bethany Edwards

Congratulations Bethany, not only do you get to brag to your mates that you've just won a juicy wad of notes, but you also get the title of "The last ingenie Rewards winner of 2019" - how lucky are you?! If you'd like this printed on a t-shirt just let me know.

We're glad the money is going towards something exciting yet practical (but mainly exciting) and best of luck with your new job. Thanks for taking part in our project - we couldn't have done it without you! Seriously.

Hooray to all our £1,000 winners

We hope the extra cash put a spring in your step, some goodies in your shopping basket, or some new wheels on your drive! Congratulations again to all 22 ingenie Rewards winners...

🎉Shai Hirst 💰Josie Andrew 😬Liam Webb

🎊Gabriella Williams 😃Bekah Steele 🎊Jack Macgregor

🎉Daniella Barnes 💰Nathan Lambert 🤑Caitlin Bellis

😃Abbie Jordan 🎊Katie Davies 🙌Robert Mcallistar

😬Sean Hughes 😃Jess Tannahill 🎉Hayley Ocallaghan

💰Jackie Vermeer 🤑Aaron Arnott 😬Jack Williscroft

😃Daniella Gothard 🎊Liam Stonehouse

💰Leah Moore 🙌Bethany Edwards


We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has taken part and helped in our research. You've played a very important role in the future projects we have lined up and have helped us to better the products and services we offer at ingenie.

Exciting stuff to come, so stick around!

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Katey Gregory

By Katey Gregory

Katey Joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of all things social and content. She passed her driving test in 2015 and her first car is a Toyota Yaris T3 named Tyrone.