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ingenie drivers’ perfect summer road trip

the perfect summer road trip  

We only went and had a heatwave that lasted MORE THAN ONE DAY. In some countries, I'm pretty sure that's called summer.

Rather than us guessing what would make the perfect summer road trip, we thought we'd get you guys to tell us (since you're probably going to much cooler places than we are).

Here’s what the #ingeniefamily had to say

The perfect summer road trip

In summery

It’s been decided. We’re off to the seaside - destination get a tan, dip our toes in the sea, and eat our entire body weight in ice cream. The route's set up in our app so no need to rely on our half asleep mate's directions.

Unfortunately - we didn't check our car was fit for the journey (, so we're hoping we at least make it to the next drive-thru for a dirty burger and a milkshake. We've finished over analysing that 'Hey, how've you been?' snapchat, so we're now kicking back and blasting some tunes from our playlist made specially for this moment.

What are we waiting for? Let’s go. I’m shutting off my laptop right this second.

Lucia Tregellis

By Lucia Tregellis

Lucia joined ingenie in 2015 and works on all our social media stuff. Her first car was a super old VW Beetle, but soon realised it wasn't ideal for a new driver and changed to a yellow, new style Mini Cooper, named Bradley.