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Learner driver car kit giveaway

Get your hands on a learner driver car kit  

We’ve got something new to celebrate and we couldn't think of a better way to get you all involved than giving free stuff away.

Last week we launched ingenie Learner insurance which lets learner drivers practice in someone else's car without messing up their no claims discount (if they have a bump).

As learning to drive and keeping a car running can get pretty expensive - we're giving away a starter car kit filled with everything you need to get you road-ready.

Fancy a shot at winning? Here's the details.

What's up for grabs?

  • L-plates
  • P-plates
  • A torch
  • A tyre air pressure tester
  • A portable phone charger
  • A mini first aid kit
  • A mini window hammer and seat belt cutter
  • Some funky air fresheners
  • A box of oat snacks (for hunger emergencies if you break down in the middle of nowhere)
  • A tyre inflator
  • And the thing you REALLY ingenie ice scraper

We'll send it all out to you in a handy black box (geddit?) to keep your car boot nice and tidy.

    Here's how to enter

  1. Get the ingenie Learner app

    Download the free ingenie Learner app for iOS or Android

    You can find more info on how the app works here, oh - and you don't need to have insurance with us to use it.

  2. Drive with the app

    Hit record before you start driving and the app will do the rest.

  3. Send us a trophy page screenshot

    Once you've driven using our app, head over to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages and send us a screenshot of your trophy page. You'll need to have earned at least one trophy and if you already have the app - great! Just send us what you've collected so far.

    Trophy page of the ingenie Learner app
Check out the full giveway Ts and Cs

Katey Gregory

By Katey Gregory

Katey Joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of all things social and content. She passed her driving test in 2015 and her first car is a Toyota Yaris T3 named Tyrone.