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An extra special Christmas for…

ingenie Rewards winner  

Where did that month go?!

It's time to announce December's ingenie Rewards winner and we're about to make someone's day, month or maybe even their year. £1,000 cash in the bank right before Christmas - just for driving as you normally do? Errr, yes please.

Want a slice of this Chistmas pie?

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December's winner

This month's winner is Mr Liam Webb who's been in the ingenie family for 2 years.

Congratulations Liam! Hopefully that's your Christmas shopping sorted but don't forget to save a few pennies to get yourself something special. You might even want to treat your car to a winter clean since it played a role in this win.

Katey Gregory

By Katey Gregory

Katey Joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of all things social. She passed her driving test in 2015 and her first car is a Toyota Yaris T3 named Tyrone.

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ingenie is a car insurance brand for young drivers aged 17-25. We fit a black box in your car to assess your driving style. We'll review your policy 3 times a year and those who drive well could receive a discount.

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