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The new drug driving course

Drug driving

The government says 20% of people arrested for drug driving have had a drink driving charge in the past. Now, drink drivers will be educated about the dangers of drug driving BEFORE they do it.

Prevention is the best medicine, right?

The work starts now

From this week, drivers sent to drink driving courses will be trialling the addition of drug driving material. Around 1,000 people will test the approach alongside the usual course offered instead of a longer ban and bigger fine.

In a recent survey we did, 60% of people didn't know how police test for drugs at the side of the road and more than half thought they'd be OK to drive the day after smoking a joint. 17% of those admitted they'd already tried it.

Until now, serious education has come far too late: at the point of arrest. This new course hopefully tackles the issue before a driver causes harm to themselves or others.

Not worth the risk

Since reforms to drug driving laws in March 2015, 7,000 people have been charged with drug driving; in 2014, it was only 849.

New official limits (for illegal and prescription drugs) and roadside drug testing are making detection and conviction much easier. The message is clear: just don't risk it.

"We know that some drink drivers also use drugs. This pilot provides a great opportunity to intervene and educate drink drivers, so when they get their licence back they will have a much greater knowledge of the risks both drink and drugs pose to themselves and other road users."

Rob Manfield
Association of Drink Drive Approved Providers of Training

Read up on how those drug driving limits are going, a year and a half on.

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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