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We hear you, ADIs

It's not often that ingenie manages to offend someone but our most recent video did - and the people offended were driving instructors, who play a big part in the safety of our customers.

The video was created to grab parents' attention and make them question their approach to choosing a driving instructor. Most simply look at price or pass rate, and are happy to hand over to their child after that. If you would want to know a bit about a new friend your child was disappearing off in a car with, why on earth wouldn't you want to get to know the person who's going to be responsible for their future safety?

Comparing the first driving lesson to a first date was a way to draw attention to the importance of finding the right person for one of the most formative relationships of a young adult's life. In the world of dating, the first person you're attracted to may not be right for you just as the first driving instructor you hear about may not be right for your learning style. It's important to find out a bit about a person before making a commitment.

It's an unfortunate fact that parents often don't know how to look for the right advice. Many will ask a search engine “How do I teach my child to drive?” (Which any ADI will groan at; it's a job for the professionals!) If you don’t know what you don't know, it's hard to do the right thing.

This video is a small part of a big campaign we've been running this year: The Parent Manifesto. In 5 stages, we've been reaching out to parents to help them to understand how they can support their child in learning safe driving for life. It's gone very well up to this point.

The reception to this video is not going to stop us pushing for parents to get involved. Our own data tells us that drivers who have a parent involved in their policy are 25% less likely to crash; that is what made us launch the campaign in the first place.

We're for young drivers. We think young. While we did talk to experts in the ADI world, who were fine with the script, we offended people and we've taken action accordingly. The video has been taken down but the message that we felt was so important remains – a message many driving instructors have been in touch to support.

This kind of content was bound to provoke a reaction. It did cause a number of negative responses but stirring up debate has at least brought more attention to the cause.

Thank you to all the driving instructors who have given us feedback.