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100 miles in 24 hours?!

Lucia runs Endure24

Lucia, who works in our wonderful customer service team, just did something quite, quite mad. She willingly agreed to enter Endure 24 - a terrifying event where you just run 5-mile laps for 24 hours. Lucia decided she'd quite like to do 100 miles.

One HUNDRED miles.

I'll let Lucia explain herself

"I set out running at 12 noon on Saturday with the aim to complete 100 miles in 24 hours."

"I had a good start. I was ready, I felt good and I was excited to be part of such an amazing event.

The pain begins

"By lap 16 (20 laps were needed for 100 miles) the pain in my right shin that I had been trying to ignore for about 5 hours was getting worse and starting to hurt my ankle and front of my foot.

Endure 24

"Thinking about it, I should have stopped when the pain started and got a massage and ice but at the time I just wanted to make sure I just kept going while time was on my side. I also think you begin to not think 100% normally as to what is good for you out there!

"At about mile 76, I was struggling so much and in a lot of leg pain. I was now walking really slowly and I was also beginning to find it hard to focus. When I turned my head, it would take longer to get the correct vision. So I stopped for a second and the reeds and nettles swayed forward and back (but they were not actually moving!). I knew I had to eat something so I got a sweet potato chip from my carry stuff but I couldn’t actually eat it; it just went all like bubble gum!"

Call in the ambulances

"A bit of a walk later was the drinks area where the ambulance also sits - I stopped for water and the water lady asked if I was OK (I don’t think I looked OK by that point). I said I felt a bit dizzy so she called the medics. I got my blood sugar, blood pressure and a clip thing on my finger to check something else, and the checks were ok so they said it was my decision to carry on or not.

"I thought: I’m 3km from my tent. Just get there and sort yourself out. So I tried, but up next was the biggest hill of the entire Endure 24 course. I hobbled halfway up and felt the weird vision thing again so stopped and I knew right there I was done. I just started to cry. A runner went to a marshall and another helped me sit down, and there I waited for the buggy to collect me.

"I cried with disappointment on and off for the next 24 hours - for not reaching that pesky 100 miles in 24 hours! I know it's stupid to get upset that I didn’t run far enough, when in the grand scheme of things it doesnt matter. But at the time, when it's something you really want to achieve, it feels really rubbish! So, at about 5.30am and having covered 78 miles, my race was over."

Only 3 marathons - what a cop-out

"It works out I did about 3 marathons back-to-back and I know it's a good effort for my first Endure 24 attempt.

"Once I got back to camp I was asked: "Will you try it again next year?" I said no, but by 6am the next morning I found myself analysing what went wrong and what I should have done and what to do next time to get the 100 miles - so yeah, now that I don't feel so bad I hope next year I'll do it.

"I really want to thank everyone who donated to the charities on my JustGiving page. It’s close to £500 being raised and over that amount when you include gift aid. When the page closes in just under a month, the charities will be sent the money directly. Everyone at ingenie has been so generous and I appreciate it so much.

"I may not be able to celebrate getting 100 miles but I know I gave it my best shot. I ran until I couldn't see straight or go another step."

Lucia running
"I may not be able to celebrate getting 100 miles but I know I gave it my best shot. I ran until I couldn't see straight or go another step."

So...let's just rationalise this

Lucia ran 78 miles in 17.5 hours. That means she was covering around 4.5 miles every hour. At an average speed of 13 minutes a mile. That. Is. Crazy.

Lucia, why did you decide to do this thing?

"I've done Endure 24 for 2 years but as a team of 8 people running it like a relay, so not running the whole time. I would look at the ultra-runners and I guess was totally inspired by them and wanted to see what I could achieve.

"I set my mind on 100 miles in 24 hours as it's just a really nice number I guess, and it's a distance that's not easily achieved."

No kidding. How on earth do you go about training for a 100-mile run?

"I read somewhere last year that if you want to start ultra-running, don't take the milestones up to the big distance away from yourself by doing it all in one go. So I entered my first marathon last August, did my first ultra-marathon last October (33 miles – I won that event!) and an 8 hour dawn-to-dusk run in December (I did 46 miles in 8 hours and came 2nd).

"After that, I had a month off running any sort of real distance (I did run at least 1 mile every day as my January New Year's thing and did a 5km park run every weekend), as mentally I just didn't want to run following the dawn-to-dusk one. I started training again around February.

"I built up the distance each week and at the main bit of training I was running back-to-back long runs at the weekend (30 miles Saturday and up to 25 miles the Sunday plus yoga). Monday I would rest, Tuesday I would do 30 minutes of kettlebells for strength and then yoga, Wednesdays before work I would do a gym class of 30 minutes with kettlebells and maybe a short run in the evening. Thursday mornings, I would run about 7 miles before work. Fridays I would rest.

"Every day I would foam roll and do some stretches to keep my muscles feeling OK. And most lunchtimes at work I'd try to walk about a mile.

"So in other words, it's super time consuming."

Give that girl a massive round of applause.

You can still donate to Lucia's Endure 24 JustGiving page.
I think she kind of deserves it.

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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