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Drug driving law, one year on

It's now been a year since legislation came into force that made drug driving a specific offence, and police officers started using roadside oral swabs to detect drivers with illegal drugs or dangerous levels of prescription drugs in their system.

Arrests have risen 800% in some parts of the UK

Cheshire police report that the number of arrests for driving impaired through drug use has increased 800% since the legislation came through, largely due to their increased powers of detection and the fact that police no longer have to prove driving was impaired to convict you of driving with drugs in your system.

The rate of successful conviction is at 95% (you can't really argue with an oral swab and a blood/urine test) and the police have now been given a boost of £1 million to spread the use of roadside testing further.

If you're doing it, stop

It's a clear message: if you risk getting behind the wheel impaired by anything - tiredness, upping your dose of prescribed medicine, using your phone, drink or drugs - you're not going to get away with it.

With higher fines for using a phone behind the wheel and an even bigger investment in roadside drugs testing, it's not worth the risk to your life, the danger for people around you and - if those moral issues aren't enough to worry you - the criminal implications.

Drug driving

If you don't know them already, go check the list of illegal and precription drugs that have legal limits.

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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