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It’s a ‘No’ to the drink drive limit cut

Last week we told you that a bill to lower the legal drink drive limit was being debated in the House of Lords.

Doctors and road safety professionals had called for the update to the current drink driving legislation, commenting on the fact that our limit is one of the highest in Europe. It was also noted that it's very hard to dictate what's a safe level of alcohol to drink before driving because it affects everyone differently.

Andrew Jones, the minister in charge of transport, has now confirmed that there are no plans to change the limit. He had previously said he needed to reassess our rules about drink driving based on the success Scotland's had with a lower limit: a 17% reduction in offences over the first 3 months of 2015.

However, the government now says it sees targeting serious drink driving offenders as a higher priority than lowering the current limit.

The government believes rigorous enforcement and serious penalties for drink-drivers are a more effective deterrent than changing the drink-driving limit. Britain continues to have some of the safest roads in the world because we crack down on those who break the law.

Andrew Jones
Transport minister

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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