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DfT confirms £2m research into telematics

There have been noises about this for the last couple of years but this year, they started to sound rather more positive. Now, the government has confirmed it will invest £2 million into researching new kinds of driver education, including telematics.

The DfT will also conduct a consultation into how it can incentivise more pre-test driving practice. One of the subjects up for discussion is whether driving instructors should be able to take learners on the motorway, among other more 'real-world' driving experience.

Is that a good thing?

Hell YEAH it's a good thing. Right now, young drivers are desperate to pass their tests in good time because it costs so much to learn to drive. If the government can give some kind of incentive for getting more practice before attempting the test, everyone will be safer on the road.

Last year, the government trialled adding a satnav element to the driving test. The addition of motorway driving to the driving syllabus would be another valuable bit of experience for a driver to get under their (seat)belt.

The research into how telematics can be formalised as an education or intervention method is long overdue. Having seen how well telematics works in our own community of young drivers, it's a great step for the government to be investigating how to make the benefits go further.

If our 40% reduction of crashes can be spread to other young drivers, we're looking at a long-term solution to the disproportionate number of road deaths in under-25s.

Richard King

By Richard King

As founder of ingenie, Richard is passionate about helping young drivers get on the road safely and affordably. He appears on TV campaigning to improve young driver safety.