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Take our Christmas quiz to see which festive nightmare you are

ingenie Christmas quiz

Ooooooh, it's feeling a little bit festive around here. Got your presents all sorted? Wrapped? neither.

Christmas is a time of joy and family. And insanity and panic. So, we thought it would be nice to gather up all those feelings and put them in a delightful quiz, to help you vent some of the excitement/dread you're probably building up by this point in December.

Scroogey old dad, hyper sugar-monster, obsessive organiser...ahh, Christmas at home

Which Christmas character are you? Come Christmas day, are you bombing around the house shrieking with excitement - or sneaking off for a cheeky nap away from all the noise? Cheerily donning a party hat or thinking longingly of the pub?

Time to find out if you're still a kiddy at heart or turning into a right nan, with our highly scientific and psychological quiz.

The wrapping can wait. (Until 11pm on Christmas Eve 😜)

Take the Christmas quiz

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

Honor joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of words on the Young Driver's Guide and blog. Her first car is a Peugeot 206 cabriolet, which is a very sensible choice for the British climate. Follow her on .