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Driving test examiners will walk out this week

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Remember we were a bit worried about how long it's been taking to get a driving test this year? Well, examiners aren't very happy either. In fact, they're striking.

What's the deal with the strike?

This Thursday and Friday, driving test examiners are striking over their long working hours. The DVSA has been trying to introduce more driving test slots to cope with the recent problem with waiting times.

The waiting game

As anyone who's tried to book a driving test this year will know, it's not unusual to have to wait 2 months to take your test. If you fail a test, having to then wait 6-8 weeks to try again can be a very frustrating experience.

The DVSA had said that the reason for the wait times was that lots of driving test examiners happened to be retiring at the same time. Clearly, if the remaining examiners are having to work longer hours, the DVSA has not approached the problem by hiring more examiners.

Is it a good thing?

Something needs to be done, so even though it's a pain for people trying to take their test, I have to side with the striking examiners here.

You're paying a lot of money to learn to drive; you're the customer. You have a right to expect flexible test slots and an efficient booking process. Hopefully, this strike action will encourage the DVSA to review the problem again.

Worried about getting a driving test slot?
Read our advice for securing the one you need.

UPDATE: If you have your test booked for Thursday 19 or Friday 20 November, the DVSA is recommending you show up for your appointment as not all examiners are striking. You'll be refunded if your test is cancelled. Find out more.


Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

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