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Lollipop ladies could step in to settle road arguments

Pedestrian crossing

Lollipop ladies (and gentlemen) are a wonderful thing. They're like dinner ladies but they don't make you eat broccoli. Getting littles safely across the road is a noble office - and these magnificent beings might just have another important job on their hands.

The Road Sharing Restorative Approach programme

Bristol City Council are overseeing an investment of £10,000 to work out how they can end hostility between cyclists, riders, lorry drivers, cabbies and car drivers.

It's a big task, and there's not going to be one magic solution. But it's a start and will hopefully go some way to fixing relationships between road users.

Options include stationing specialist mediators on roads to step in and calm people down, and there is talk of teaching lollipop ladies conflict resolution skills.

It's a funny old world.

This is something which affects every single person in the city from parents who are too scared to let their children walk to school because of traffic, to people who do not want to take public transport because of the cost and reliability factors.

The point is to get different road users together to listen to each other and to put themselves in each others shoes. Everyone contributes to the problem and everyone is a victim.

Annali Grimes
Bristol Mediation

To make sure you're not one of these problem drivers, get a grip on pedestrian crossings in the Young Drivers Guide.

Honor Clement-Hayes

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