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13 year old makes a business out of tax disc confusion

Harvey Millington, 13, has found a way to profit from motorists' forgetfulness after the tax disc scrap last year.

As of October 2014 the paper tax disc is no more and many motorists are paying the price of forgetting when their road tax is due, despite getting a notice from the DVLA. And that's where Harvey comes in.

Can't remember when your road tax is due?

If you forget to tax your car because you don't have the handy reminder of a paper tax disc on your windscreen, you could face a fine or having your car clamped.

Harvey's bright idea was a series of paper inserts that fit in your original tax disc holder, printed with the date your road tax is due.

Simple but brilliant.

Tax disc reminder

I'm probably the richest person in my class. Sometimes I am working quite hard but I'm hoping to carry on for a while.

Harvey Millington, 13

Get your own Tax Disc Reminder

You can order a Tax Disc Reminder for £4 (including delivery) online at No clamping, no fines and you'll be supporting a budding entrepreneur.

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By Honor Clement-Hayes

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