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New parking fine rules that protect drivers


Imagine! I had trouble believing it too but I have it from the BBC that drivers in England will soon be given a 10 minute grace period before getting a parking ticket in council-run areas.

We all think traffic wardens hover by our cars, waiting to pounce the second the ticket runs out (maybe unfair, maybe not) but no more. Although some councils insist that they've always given this leeway, now it will be the rule.

The new rules emphasise that parking tickets must not be treated as a way for councils to make money, as this discourages people from parking...and helping councils to make money. Using CCTV cars to catch parking offenders is also out, except for bus lanes and near schools.

So that's:

  • Reminders for councils that they're not allowed to use parking fines to generate profit
  • Rights for residents to petition for parking reviews in their area
  • A ban on CCTV cars monitoring parking except in bus lanes or near schools

Go see what's what with on-street parking restrictions in the Young Driver's Guide.

Honor Clement-Hayes

By Honor Clement-Hayes

Honor joined ingenie in 2014 and is in charge of words on the Young Driver's Guide and blog. Her first car is a Peugeot 206 cabriolet, which is a very sensible choice for the British climate. Follow her on .